I know you’ve seen a lot of posts in almost all social networks (Facebook, instagram, twitter etc,.) about their summer get away and I know that makes you very excited for your summer getaway as well. I know your excited to wear those bikinis, sun glasses and flip flops showing your very beautiful body and sun kissed skin with the white sand beach background. Most of all I know your most excited to post them and share them with your followers and facebook friends.

Hell yeah it’s summer!  and it’s my most favorite season every year, well I guess it’s almost everyone’s favorite season cause aside from there’s no classes, we got to spend most of our time with family and friends.  So to start of my summer, we went island hopping with my friends.1798588_1467736930113264_688387277_n 1743546_1467313970155560_402025648_n 1239834_1467313973488893_1039777633_n 1901488_1467314020155555_454590745_n 1902954_1468876683332622_491381756_n 1888697_1467314270155530_2016731196_n 1926949_1468876433332647_1719028914_n

It was a lot of fun. Yes I mean it when I said a LOT of fun!

Even if I don’t know how to swim, It doesn’t stop me from enjoying the water, there’s a life jacket anyway so not really a problem. The problem was I have a seasickness so I vomited a lot which makes me weak but it only takes a nap and I’m back again.

For those who also wanted to go on Island hopping, there are really a lot of packages which some includes the food. But for us, so we can save money, what we did was rented a boat and we just bought our own food. Some of us cooked food for everybody. We also just rented a van for our transportation going to Lapu-lapu.

1620851_1467307446822879_1204636176_n 1656078_1468876439999313_1364957514_n

i00011 i00010

1656078_1467307316822892_645839411_n 1688142_1468876663332624_554864802_n 1969229_1468876463332644_1688770904_n 1939979_1467310670155890_1916099280_n


The picture above was near Be resort. Isn’t it a nice view? #sunset


Cut and Style 2014

You see how people are so stylish during sinulog, wearing stylish, colorful tops with the sinulog t-shirt print. That is because of the Island souvenirs Cut and Style campaign. That started last year and I can really see how successful it is with my favorite blogger , Kryz Uy as the ambassador.

This is their 2nd year and they had the Cut and style fashion show at SM northwing. And I am so lucky that 1 of the event organizer, Tatiana Agustin is my friend and she lets me in. I was so happy to see 2 of my favorite bloggers Kryz Uy and Laureen Uy.

1001017_10152184946067324_1848340362_n 1010785_10152184951537324_802842018_n 1013850_10152184951967324_843889876_n 1016305_10152184941807324_1075795063_n 1017653_10152184950232324_997673450_n 1234704_10152184944522324_86394198_n 1558591_10152184945972324_1732183130_n 1622802_10152184947152324_2020413096_n 1662715_10152184951727324_915007433_n 1795499_10152184948122324_1242475691_n 1897796_10152184951317324_887855706_n

And Hey! look who we have here!!

1888522_10152184910802324_928630220_n 1900064_10152184914532324_907355964_n

I would love to see your cut and styled shirts here so go and share it!

Sinulog 2014

SINULOG! HAH! MUSHAGIT UG KUSOG!. oh yeah its sinulog 2014! aside from the parade of floats with the stars , one thing that cebuanos look forward to is the street party!!!.

People at the street drinking, singing, dancing.. having FUN! This is really something that I always look forward. Almost all young people will be around Mango ave. durng sinulog so you got to see a lot of people.

I was with my college friends first then my workmates after. It was a whole lot of fun from morning til night.

1484115_1455055011381456_1118020749_n 1531912_1455054941381463_1915475676_nLook at my face before we joined the crowd, no paint on the face yet. But after we joined the crowd and saw ram near baseline…. CHARAAAAN!

1011859_1455054901381467_832243426_n 1514181_1455980471288910_1307143209_n 1535577_1455980484622242_1661355721_n

But its fine cause it’s an indication that you really had fun. Id rather go home dirty and enjoyed the event than clean and bored.

1531644_1455055031381454_1721817345_n 1555441_1455054904714800_569105339_n 1606964_1455054964714794_1759129709_nI really had sooooooooooooo much fun and every sinulog is a night to remember which makes me look forward to the next sinulog event that I dont wanna miss.

Let me also share this, the reason why I dont have a lot of pics cause I lost the memory card of my camera.. so sad isnt it? but anyway, shit happens.


Here’s my sinulog outfit. I wish I have more pics but this is the only 1 left. 🙂

Tell me your sinulog story also, If you havent attended the sinulog event yet, then this might be the time that you start thinking about Sinulog 2015. HAHA. You still have a lot of time to think about it. 🙂

Mountain View in Cebu

Party-til-we-drop, food, fun, REDhorse! haha, yeah its Jasons birthday again! however, this time, its different cause he chose to celebrate it in Mt. view nature park. NATURE PARK? yes, you heard it right! not at the bar this time. hahaha (Jason is a party person thats why Im saying this. hehe). Its my first time there, and yeah, call me a loser but thats the truth. I know its just near the office but I never had the chance to go there.


cebu1The place is sooooooooooo OH MY GOD! super nice. For people who really appreciate nature, this is really a place to be. We rode motorcycle going there and I was really overwhelmed by the view. Its even cloudy that time, how much more when its sunny. When you go there, prepare a jacket specially if its during cold days cause it’s really freezing cold.

CYMERA_20140201_100359 CYMERA_20140201_101401 CYMERA_20140201_101517 CYMERA_20140201_101813 CYMERA_20140201_103018


We arrive at around 10 am or 11 but the pool is still close so we decided to prepare the food first. While kat and Justin is so busy preparing the food, we were also very busy taking pictures, hehehe, as expected.

After we grilled the fish and meat we went back to the pool to check if its already open, and luckily, yes its open.

Entrance fee for the pool is P100 and table is only P150.

IMG_20140201_151715 1780923_10201522939891769_439398636_n 1796479_10201522942611837_698088294_n 1898026_10201522945291904_1527171533_nThe water is freezing cold, I really mean FREEZING cold. We’ll maybe of course because we’re in the mountain part.

CYMERA_20140201_144211And yeah, I have no plans of wearing bikini yet cause my body is not yet ready. haha.

1385032_10203150125737547_1276679637_n 1507954_10203150112817224_586391597_n 1723006_10203150117817349_82657919_n CYMERA_20140201_094837This is another birthday to remember for jason.

Lets try something new!

Diamonds are girls best friends and so are shoes. But wait!, after reading the first line I know that your thinking of the girly girl shoes. Like heels, stilettos, wedges etc. but no,  I mean, yes of course they are also our bestfreinds, I love them. However this time, I fell inlove with sneakers and skater/canvas shoes. I really dont have lots of them, I have to be honest (although I also dont have lots of heeled or “girly shoes” hahaha), I’m not really a fan.


Vans, DC, Converse, Keds, etc. name it. These are the very known brands when it comes to sneakers or canvas shoes and its not a secret to everybody that I really love the neon green color so I’m really dying to get a neon green sneakers/canvas shoes. (Forgive me for always repeating sneakers/canvas shoes, Im not really sure how they’re called. hehe). Anyway, I saw this shoes from DC when I was window shopping and I thought “hey! this is perfect”, but then I was having second thoughts of buying it cause I might see something better. So I waited and checked for another brand and I saw this one vans shoes which is kinda similar to the first one, simpler but more expensive than the DC shoes. But then, I like it better so I purchased it immediately with no second thoughts. weeeeeee!

1521354_10201578767854400_967481138_nI purchased it in J center mall outlet cause  was with my friends that time, we ate in Tsiboom. Anyway, thats another story for me to tell. 🙂

PicMonkey Collage

In all fairness, I love it cause aside from it’s my favorite color, its so comfortable to wear. I thought of wearing it on  sinulog… but… hmmmmmm.. never mind! I might end up having brown or black sneakers instead of neon green after. And since its just plain, I might paint it and put a design over it. soon. But…. we’ll see! :)… any idea bout the design?


Fireworks, fire crackers, food, polka dots, flutes and party!!! happy new year everyone!

Its really nice to open a new chapter of your life and start it with a good vibes. 2013 is a roller coaster ride for me and Im so thankful for those people who rode it with me and makes the ride memorable. We’ll I guess this is the best time to reminisce and think about the things that happened. It has been a good year for me and I’m crossing my fingers that hopefully this continues this 2014.PicMonkey Collage2

As I was browsing through my pictures, I realize that time really runs so fast. That’s already another 365 days and I feel that its not enough for everything that I wanted to do. But then, I have another 365 days to do it, so I guess I shouldn’t worry then.

PicMonkey Collage3

I wish to have more dreams, hope and goals fulfilled, achievements, traveled places, shoes, clothes looks in lookbook and entries is my blog!! weeeeee! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

Girlfriends Night Out!

Saturday December 14, I was with my girlfriends for dinner. We went to simply J’s which is located at Apitong st. Escario, near Ayala Center Ceu. The food is great and the place is so nice and serene which I would say perfect for us girls (aheeem. demure).

1515002_1443743079179316_894718381_nIts really been a long time since we hang out together, because we are sooooo busy with a lot of things. Kreir is finishing her studies and is so busy with her thesis. Glads and I are so busy with a lot of things especially with work. But anyway, I am so happy that finally we were able to find time to at least eat out. Girl stuff, food, dresses, make ups, celebrities, fashion, other pretty girls (haha) and boyssss, I just so miss talking to these girls about these stuff.

IMG_20131214_202053[1]This is Glads and Kreir

CYMERA_20131214_203413[1]Me with pretty Kreir.IMG_20131214_202148[1]Me with the girl I wish to be my sister. hahaha its glads 🙂

You can always visit simply J’s and try  their back ribs (thats what we ate) cause its so big and tasty, you might also wanna try their other food and tell me what food you can recommend so when I get back their, I can also try it. 😛

Feel free to tweet  and share! 😛

Karsy Fashion Shoot (Part 2)

As promised I’ll give you more of the pics from our shoot.

1.1 1.3 1


This beautiful floral dress and gorgeous heels are from karsy fashion clothing. Please check Miss Karsy’s instagram for more info (@karsyfashion)

2This Top is gorgeous I swear to God. It would perfectly match a skinny pants or leggings which will make look so tall!

Please check Miss Karsy’s instagram for more info (@karsyfashion)

4.1 4.2 4

This short is one of my favorite, It just fits me and it’s spandex! it might not be clear but it has clear studs. It looks so perfect!

Please check Miss Karsy’s instagram for more info (@karsyfashion)


The previous pic has my favorite short but this one has my favorite shoes, it’s so comfortable. The entire outfit is from Karsy fashion clothing. Please check Miss Karsy’s instagram for more info (@karsyfashion)


We went to mactan shrine after with the gorgeous ladies of CSM.

The shirts we’re wearing are personalized CSM shirt. Gorgeous isn’t it? HAHA

Let me just say thank you to our amazing photographer Mr. Jofax San Gabriel.