I know you’ve seen a lot of posts in almost all social networks (Facebook, instagram, twitter etc,.) about their summer get away and I know that makes you very excited for your summer getaway as well. I know your excited to wear those bikinis, sun glasses and flip flops showing your very beautiful body and sun kissed skin with the white sand beach background. Most of all I know your most excited to post them and share them with your followers and facebook friends.

Hell yeah it’s summer!  and it’s my most favorite season every year, well I guess it’s almost everyone’s favorite season cause aside from there’s no classes, we got to spend most of our time with family and friends.  So to start of my summer, we went island hopping with my friends.1798588_1467736930113264_688387277_n 1743546_1467313970155560_402025648_n 1239834_1467313973488893_1039777633_n 1901488_1467314020155555_454590745_n 1902954_1468876683332622_491381756_n 1888697_1467314270155530_2016731196_n 1926949_1468876433332647_1719028914_n

It was a lot of fun. Yes I mean it when I said a LOT of fun!

Even if I don’t know how to swim, It doesn’t stop me from enjoying the water, there’s a life jacket anyway so not really a problem. The problem was I have a seasickness so I vomited a lot which makes me weak but it only takes a nap and I’m back again.

For those who also wanted to go on Island hopping, there are really a lot of packages which some includes the food. But for us, so we can save money, what we did was rented a boat and we just bought our own food. Some of us cooked food for everybody. We also just rented a van for our transportation going to Lapu-lapu.

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The picture above was near Be resort. Isn’t it a nice view? #sunset


Style Origin 2013!

1011457_10200189226392830_1199389629_nLast June 29, 2013, Ayala Malls, he Philippine Star, Solar Network and Tiger 22 presented Style origin 2013 in Cebu. A fashion show that inspires imagination through the best fashion brands and designers at Ayala Activity center. This is directed by Ariel Lozada and Miss earth 2008, Karla Henry as Host. Kris Hanson, Miss Cebu 2009 and Slater Young was also Featured.

 I was very lucky because I had the chance to watch the most anticipated fashion show of the year. Brands that were featured wereAll Flip Flops, Celine, Artwork, Blued, Cocoon, Filippo, Hush Puppies, ISIS, Folded and Hung, Girbaud, Gems and Designs, Original Penguin, Lady Bag, LAVA, Karimadon, The Travel Club, Rustans, Samsonite, Payless, Pains and Prints, Loalde, and R.A.F. Some distinguished home grown brands, renowned Filipino Designers, Illustrious international labels, lifestyle and industry movers were also featured.








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I would love to join the event in the future. Not in the audience but in the runway!♥  soon…

Lights, Camera, ACTION!

This is it. I always mentioned that something happened to me which I’m very happy about. Now, I’m gonna tell you what it is.

I didn’t disclose this not until now because I was not yet allowed to tell anyone about this. But now, I think it’s ok to disclose this to you guys.

It’s really hard actually. You know that feeling that you’re very happy and you want to tell everyone about what happened but you just can’t because if you do, you might lose it.

Anyway, I actually auditioned to become a guest host in one of the local show in Cebu. The day that I auditioned, no one really knows that I will, not even my closest friends or my parents. And like any other auditions, I was expecting that after everything, they will just tell you “Thanks, we’ll just text you for the update”, but no, I was really shocked because after everything, they then told me that I was one of the people that they choose to be one of their guest host. It really takes a couple of minutes after it sinks in my mind because I did not really expect it to happen. The regular hosts then congratulate me and told me that I shouldn’t tell anyone about this yet, because if I did, it’s subject to disqualification. Which of course I don’t want to happen.

And now the time has come. HAHAHAH. I waited for months for this and I’m so happy that we finally finished it and it already aired on TV.

When my friends knew it, they we’re really very excited and it seems that they’re more excited than me.
Some of my office mates knew it in the long run also, especially when we already started shooting. When they knew about this, they told some of our office mates which becomes the reason why the news was spread all over the floor.

When many people already knew about it, I was flattered with their reaction at the same time pressured because they seem to expect a lot from me.

When the show started airing, my friends  texted me and informed me that they’re watching. After the show, I received some text messages congratulating me for it.  I was really happy because they appreciate it even if it’s really not that “big time” break.

I really thank all the staff and crew of the show for giving me such opportunity and experience. It’s really a wish granted.

In my next posts I’m gonna tell you the story on our every shoot with the regular host. So just watch out for it. =)

The whole experience was like…………..

I wish I can get a copy of that episode… hmmmm..

I’ll try, and if I can, I will share it with you guys.. =)

The Acrobats the 2nd time around

My brother was required to watch a show in Cebu Coliseum. It serves as their final exam for their swimming class.

It was an acrobatic show. It was so sweet of him to buy 2 tickets so we can watch it together.

So we went to the place by around 9am and the line was already very long.

The show started with a performance of school’s Arnis club.

When the performer already came out, we we’re very surprised because we’ve seen them perform already. That was, if I remember correctly, it was last year. We watch their show together with my 2 brothers.

There were clown acrobat also, and they were very funny.

It was fun and they were good performers. However, in the middle of the show, I felt hunger so we just went out, we did not finish the show and we ate.

We we’re with my brother’s friends also. As much as I would like him to take a picture of me, I can’t because the friends was there and they were busy chit chatting with each other.

And this is what happened when I saw the big mirror. HAHAHAH….

This is what I wore by the way…. It’s so comfy..