Lets try something new!

Diamonds are girls best friends and so are shoes. But wait!, after reading the first line I know that your thinking of the girly girl shoes. Like heels, stilettos, wedges etc. but no,  I mean, yes of course they are also our bestfreinds, I love them. However this time, I fell inlove with sneakers and skater/canvas shoes. I really dont have lots of them, I have to be honest (although I also dont have lots of heeled or “girly shoes” hahaha), I’m not really a fan.


Vans, DC, Converse, Keds, etc. name it. These are the very known brands when it comes to sneakers or canvas shoes and its not a secret to everybody that I really love the neon green color so I’m really dying to get a neon green sneakers/canvas shoes. (Forgive me for always repeating sneakers/canvas shoes, Im not really sure how they’re called. hehe). Anyway, I saw this shoes from DC when I was window shopping and I thought “hey! this is perfect”, but then I was having second thoughts of buying it cause I might see something better. So I waited and checked for another brand and I saw this one vans shoes which is kinda similar to the first one, simpler but more expensive than the DC shoes. But then, I like it better so I purchased it immediately with no second thoughts. weeeeeee!

1521354_10201578767854400_967481138_nI purchased it in J center mall outlet cause  was with my friends that time, we ate in Tsiboom. Anyway, thats another story for me to tell. 🙂

PicMonkey Collage

In all fairness, I love it cause aside from it’s my favorite color, its so comfortable to wear. I thought of wearing it on  sinulog… but… hmmmmmm.. never mind! I might end up having brown or black sneakers instead of neon green after. And since its just plain, I might paint it and put a design over it. soon. But…. we’ll see! :)… any idea bout the design?