You’ll get what you want if you want it enough☺

Year 2011 was really a tough year for us. We’ve been through a lot, I mean a LOT. From our business to my studies, name it.  But then as they say what goes around comes around, what goes up must come down. Wait, sound familiar? yah, it’s a lyrics of a song. HAHA.

Year 2012 has been a really good year for me especially in terms of career, and I wish my luck would continue this 2013.  I know I have to thank a lot of people and I dont want to mention all of them cause I might miss something. Can I just thank God for all of this? ☺

Anyway, before everything turns so dramatic and before you guys cry (haha. OA) I just wanna look back to everything that happened in 2012 and look forward to this year 2013.


Friends through the years ♥



Target Turned 1 year! ☺


cup cake addiction with cha-cha


photo shoots from photographer friends =)

PicMonkey Collage


hosting ☺



modeling ☺


blogging/ fashion blogging ☺

PicMonkey Collage

lookbook posting! ☺

These are the things that keep me going. I don’t mean to brag, it’s just that I feel so lucky, happy and flattered that I have and I achieve all of these since these are really some of the things that I imagine myself doing. My friend told me “you’ll get what you want if you want it enough” and yah, it’s true.  Again and again, these are the things that I want but this is not it, this is not just it. I’m looking forward to more of these things and more new things this year More projects, more shoots, more lookbook fan, more followers of the blog, more new things, more learnings, more of  everything ☺. I don’t think it’s bad to ask for more, is it? I don’t think so, as long as you work hard for it. As my friend told me ” be the next Kryz uy (ambitious! HAHA)”. I’m sure most of the bloggers know who I’m talking about. I’m really a fan. But I say “I wish! HAHA” it’s so hard, HELLO!? real estate business owner, Top Blogger and a What a Girl Wants Creative director, WOW!. But then again, “you’ll get what you want if you want it enough”.

By the way, I was reading articles about Chinese zodiac and it says that people born in the year of the monkey are quite lucky this year in almost all fields, so I just wish it’s true.

Here’s for the MONKEYS to feed your ego (haha):

Of all the animals of the Chinese zodiac, your are the most intelligent. Your pranks, finesse, and craftiness get you out of the most delicate situations without a scratch. Particularly at ease in public and at parties with beautiful people, you are charming, surprising, and entertaining with the faces you make, and your irresistible, funny stories. You can also laugh at yourself with astonishing lucidity. Your character is that of a “happy pessimist” and you adapt easily to any context – and not without a certain amount of cunning. Confronted by a muscle-bound adversary, you use servility and flattery to lead him by the nose. Your skillfulness in the art of manipulation has no equal and you easily play the actor to soothe those around you. Crocodile tears and shameless lies are part of your daily bread. If you are caught, you have the good grace to recognize the error of your ways and can make others forgive you. You jump from branch to branch, from problem to problem, with an incredible degree of fickleness that borders on childishness. It is difficult to keep you in one place; at the least sign of boredom, you swing to another tree. But behind your mimics and gestures hides an old monkey that the Chinese name The Wise One. Your fault: You want to be first at any price

Single Monkeys can expect a great problem in 2013: too many suitors! Don’t make a rash decision and get into a relationship too quickly, because you will have other options available. That said, don’t be afraid to commit when the right person comes alone. You’ll know them when you see them. It’s not always true, but the Chinese 2013 horoscope for Monkey shows us that this year, if you aren’t sure about a relationship than there is a good reason for that.

To read the whole article click here

more article click here


it’s JAYSON’s birthday


Yes! it’s Jayson’s birthday celebration. Jayson is really one of my close friend and I really love talking to him especially when it’s all about love and life because he really  has a LOT to say.  Now that it’s his birthday, it’s my turn to say a LOT of things about him. HAHA.  Anyway, I used to call him “My Hollywood Friend” because there was this time that his hair looks like 1 of the  member of 1 Direction. He used to call me “my celebrity Friend”.

So anyway, we planned to celebrate his birthday at Songhits in BTC, but since I also promised 1 of my friend that I’m gonna go to their house warming, we went there first. We stayed there for less than an hour and went to the meeting place.

We went to songhits aroung 9pm. The room that we had has a kinect and is also good for karaoke. We really enjoyed it a lot, especially the kinect. While others were singing, some of us were doing the kinect.


We went to Tonios after. We stayed there for about 2 hours I think, and then went to Milan, kim and April’s new house. We continued drinking there, some fell asleep because they were already tipsy, some were just tired. Some fell asleep, but I… I fell inlove. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. kidding!.. sound so wrong?.. i know. haha.


Anyway, we enjoyed chit chatting with them that I didn’t notice that I already fell asleep (I had a lot of tequila). The last time I remember I was just talking to them, the next thing I know, I was already on April’s room. It’s really embarrassing because I was crying and asked them not to leave me. I was also uttering the words “Dili na lage ko ganahan niya, di man sya kasabot…” which means that “I dont like him anymore, he really can’t understand”..

I mean what I say, it’s just that it doesn’t need to be said. hahaha. so embarrassing. But anyway, overall, I enjoyed…  a LOT! ☺☺☺☺

By the way, this was what I wore.





Sinulog ♥♥♥

Sinulog is really one of my most awaited event of the year. It’s a celebration for the feast of Sr. Sto Niño. I was not able to complete the novena mass but at least I was able to attend 1 mass with my friend arvin after we watched the Sinulog sa kabataan sa dakbayan.

For those who don’t know and have no idea what Sinulog festival is and have not attended it yet, you miss half of your life (HAHA). Kidding, anyway, during that day, there’s a grand parade with dancers dancing to the Sinulog beat. The dancer’s are actually contingents of the Sinulog dance contest. There are different floats from different companys, organizations and etc. Local network channel has floats also with their stars on it.

The stars are one of the reason why people watched. But for young people, like me (hehehe) the street party is what we’re up to. There really are a lot of people in the street partying, drinking and making noise. What I enjoyed the most is the “war of paints” as they call it. People bring face paint or body paints and wipe it to their face and body and wipe it to their friend or any other people also. that’s why during sinulog people are really so dirty and full of paints.


Anyway, so what happened was, even before sinulog day, a lot of people would really ask “so where are you going this sinulog” and I’ll just reply “How about you?” and we’ll end up saying, “let’s ho together, ok?” veryone would tell thats to almost everybody. But I went their together with my college friends, the meeting time was 10am but ofcourse, Filipino time, we all met by 2PM. Fuente circle really has a LOT of people to the point that me and my friends can’t almost cross the next street.

305031_4272771176970_1900953275_n 270855_4272768216896_866007059_n550382_4272769256922_2044054970_n

We all then went to Baseline where, I think, everybody meet. I met and encountered a lot of people. We looked for our other friends, which really is so hard since there are really a lot of people, plus the phone network is not working properly so we cannot call some of our friends. So we went to Joan’s apt. which is just near the area, but when we arrived their, nobody’s home, we called her and they were on the the place where were at before we went to her apt. so we went back with drinks on hand.

We then started to look for a place where we can stay and party but it seems that there’s really a lot of people and it’s hard to look for a place where we can settle down. So what we did, we ate first and while waiting for the “liempo” to be cooked, me and some of my friends went to Route stop which is across the street where we planned to eat. Josef and his friends were there together with GF Eliza. We had chit chats with them and went back to eat first.


After we eat, we went to the open place near it with a band and music. We started partying there, and wait, I forgot to tell you that we are full of paints already and so dirty, but it’s a sign that we’re having fun =). What makes us so dirty also is the shower of beer/liquid, people don’t drink beer this time, they shower it, but still, it’s fun.

Aside from my college friends, I was with some friends of friends also like Tam and Joel. They we’re really so game, fun to be with and they’re cute (hahahha). chiro also was there and what’s so shocking is, her GF is my friend’s friend. It’s a small world after all. We we’re with Josef’s friend also, Paul and Michael, they we’re just at the side enjoying their drink. As Paul said, “We’re too old for this shit”. I say, Age is just a number and young is an attitude (HAHAHA). It’s not bad to party, get wasted and have fun sometimes. We only live life once, so make the most out of it.


We went home by around 2am because some of my friends still has work and classes the following day. Thanks to Joan because she let me and pam sleep at her apt.

I really had a lot of FUN and it was the best Sinulog EVER.


I’ve been very stress at work and I really wanted to have 1 day to break away. Me and my friends planned to have an outing at the beach but it’s always being pushed back because of our schedules. But at last, we finally scheduled a date

First we planned of going to Bantayan or Camotes but because we have limited time we decided to just have it near our place. I actually have to work the day after. So we then decided to go to Karancho Beach resort.
The place is nice and affordable.

21646_4045580297340_131988909_n  64640_4045584737451_647507186_n 67649_4045580857354_1998445164_n

I was with my friends Shin, Eliza, Anna and Shin’s boyfriend Jaz and with us is Josef and his friends Paul, Michael, Pacs and arvin. SO sad that Jesa and Justine was not able to come with us. They’re also busy with their schedules that’s why.






I first met my friends at the market so we can buy food to eat like meat, fish, chicken and some spices. We bought charcoal as well cause we’re planning to grill the pork meat and the fish.


We went to Robinson after to buy some Junk foods and drinks. We’re supposed to wait for Josef’s friend at Robinson but they went back to SM because they left something so we just went to Karancho first.

Josef arrived after a couple of minutes and his friends arrived a couple of hours after him. It was not actually my first time to meet Josef’s friends except michael. They’re easy to get a long with so we have no problems with them at all.

Anna and arvin broke the ice when we start teasing them and they start throwing pick up lines to each other. Josef’s friends taught arvin what pick up line to throw and me and my friends taught anna as well. They were so game and we really had fun. But anna went home early so the fun ended early as well.


People were so tired because some came from work and doesn’t have sleep yet.

At around 12 MN me, Eliza, Josef and Michael we went swimming and at around 3am we went home, no, I mean, they went home and I worked.

3rd day of shoot.. ♥

On the third day of shoot, I was with MagTV host Borgie.

Borgie is really a very outgoing person and so fun to be with. It might be because he is a “band person”. He is part of the band, I just don’t know the name of the band because I’m not really into bands. Anyway, to be honest, I heard a lot of feedback about him, positive and negative, especially after I posted the photo in my facebook page. I think that’s just normal because he is a public person and whatever he does, everyone will really notice it. Some people might also misunderstood him because he is really a loud and outgoing person. Even is he is a loud, outgoing, playful and looks like a bad boy, he is a nice person and a gentleman as well.

We’ll I’m just speaking based from my experience with him. I just can’t judge him for who he is because I don’t really don’t know him that much.

Anyway, we went to Simala to feature the place and the famous 13 different colors of candles. It’s really my first time their and I’m so happy to be given the opportunity to visit the place. The place was really nice and amazing.

There are 13 different colors of candles  and each color has a meaning. For red it means love and family, green is business or money, violet for success in career, blue is promotion at work, orange for reconciliation and I forgot the others.. hehe..

Isn’t that amazing?


We also interviewed some of the devotees. Their stories are really inspiring. Makes me want to come back to the place over and over again. My experience their strengthen my faith and I really thank the staff and crew of the show for giving me the experience. ☺♥

After the shoot, we went to Carcar to eat, while we we’re buying food at the market, the people were talking about Borgie. They were able to recognize him as a TV personality. Which means that he’s really famous.
Anyway, I enjoyed the whole experience. I wish I’ll have more of this soon… ♥♥♥

First day of shoot (Sirao) ♥

Our first day of shoot…. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….

The first time that I received the text I was really nervous because aside from it’s my first time, I don’t know what to do, I don’t know if I’ll do good, I might commit a mistake, I might be late… etc. there’s really a lot of things that’s running in my mind, plus the night before the shoot, my stomach really aches. But I never thought of not going because of my stomach ache. Thank God that the pain went away during the morning.

Call time was 8 am. Good thing I was not late, (hehe).  So we went to Sirao near Ayala Heights, I think it’s already in Balamban (not sure). It’s really far, the travel time is almost 2 hours. When we’re almost there, we passed by a bunch of flowers which really looks beautiful. When you look at them you feel like you’re not in the Philippines, they take you to another place. I mean, they’re really so beautiful. So bad I was not able to take a picture of them.
The place was actually a production of candles and the people in the production are ex convicts.

By the way, I was with Phoebe, she’s really pretty and so bubbly. She’s so nice as well. I just don’t have a lot of conversation with her because I’m a bit intimidated, of course she’s a celebrity and I was starstruck. But she’s so nice that she always start a conversation with me and asks me some questions. And all I did was answer her questions, I can’t ask her back cause it might sound that I’m so “chizzams”…

When we arrive there, we then prepared everything for the interview of the person in charge.

The person we interviewed was an X convict who was imprisoned for 4 years. Even if he was an ex prisoner, I was not afraid because I know that he’s changed and I know that we’re in good hands. I mean, not all person who were imprisoned are bad. In fact, after the interview, I was really inspired by everything he said. I can really tell that he learned a lot from his 4 years stay in prison.

So after the interview we started making the candles. They  showed us how it’s made. What I was really amazed of is how the small candles were made. W were told that they only deep it into the pail of wax multiple times and it will just be formed into small candles.

Let me also share that while we were waiting for the staff and crew, I was arranging my bag and phoebe was looking at my camera checking on the pictures that we took. I haven’t erased the pics for my lookbook looks yet and she was able to see. I was flattered because she liked some of my clothes and advised me to go into the fashion business (like selling clothes online).

After everything, we went to Gorordo in their actual store for their candles.

There were lots of kinds, shapes and colors of candles. There we’re flower shape and there’s also a banana shape… they really look so nice…

This is what I wear by the way. They asked me to wear simple outfit since the episode is about agriculture. So this is what I come up with.

They just miss me. =)

It’s been a while now since we had dinner with my friends.

And since one of our friend just went back from her training in Manila, we decided to have dinner together.

Shin was with her boyfriend Jasper and Josef (My workmate and a very close friend of eliza) was with us also.

Our meeting time was 6pm, and as useless, I arrived late, heheh,  they went to Moon café first so we can get a table and I just let them order  for me.

When I arrive, they already started eating.

See these pictures? this is what happen when we have  camera with us. Good thing the boys are there to take our pictures.. hehehe.

We’re not vain (defensive?)… we just miss each other. =)

Anyway, since the taking of pictures seems unstoppable just as we are, I was not able to finish my food.

This is my friend Shin.. we are the most vain in the group.. ahaha… and we also have the same neuroticism..

We are all close, just so happen that we have a lot of the same frustrations.

After we eat, we went inside the mall, then me Josef and Eliza went out with my team mates..

Where? that’s something that I can’t disclose to you guys…  maybe not yet… hhehe

It’s been a long day after all

My friend has just arrived from her 3 months training in manila. So, we decided to see each other after her work. Good thing it’s also my day off.

We really have a lot of things to talk about. I mean a LOT.

We’re supposed to meet up by 6, but as expected she arrived late (I’m used to it anyway. heheh). If I was not with our other friend, probably I was also late.

She changed. I mean she’s a lot thinner now and I’m so happy about that. I mean, I know she really wanted to be as thin as me before, although she wasn’t really that big, but I think it’s almost all girls frustration to be thin so they can wear all the clothes they wanted. Anyway, I’m so happy for her because she has learned self-discipline, and, at last serious about her diet already.

I support her for that because I know that this is something that she’s happy about.

Anyway, since she was late, shall I say, an hour late, she treated me for dinner.

She treated me pasta. Pasta is really my addiction this past few months. I eat pasta, specifically carbonara/alfredo almost every twice a week.

My friend told me that pasta is the food of the lonely… Really?….

We’ll, I don’t think so… But is it?…. I’m bothered (am I?).. I don’t know..

I Told her that we will go on dress up but I was in the mood to dress up that day so she was the only one who’s dressed up. She has no choice anyway because she has to because of the nature of her work.

I was in my “nerd me” look.

I Large t-shirt and a short shorts with the nerdy glasses.

1 rule of fashion: you should have at least 1 grandfathers polo and a Boyfriends t-shirt.

In my case, since I don’t have a boyfriend, I have my brother’s t-shirt.. heheh

So we went home by 8, and when we’re about to go home, my TL (Team Leader) called me and asked me if I can report to the office before 12 for the interview of the position that I applied for.

I was in doubt because I can still have it tomorrow, but then, why tomorrow when I have today.

So I went home, changed my clothes and report to the office for the interview.

The interview was so nerve racking and I was still shaking after the interview. I just hope I’ll be accepted. =)

More career opportunities. Thank you lord.

happy anniversary TARGET

Time runs so fast.
It seems that it was just last month that we first had our first call.

Who would ever forget the Migrated orders, Missoni, black Friday and cyber sale. It was the busiest times on the prod floor.

No one would ever forget the first day of production. It was so qeueing and we’re not yet very familiar with the process. We don’t know what to do, what to press and how to assist. Almost all the guest we’re really irate and we don’t know how to handle them. They’re complaining about everything. And since we don’t know the process yet, every time they rant, we answer them with voice shaking and stuttering. The Guest would always think that we don’t know what to do and almost every call is a supervisory call.

It’s been 1 year that we’re assisting Target guests and we’re already used to the processes. It’s really overwhelming to think that I reach this far. I never thought that I will because in the first place I never dreamt to work in a contact center company.

But anyway, even if I have to give up some things because of this, I’m still happy because I was able to fulfill some of my dreams and it opens a lot of opportunity for me in the fields that I wanted.

The anniversary party was great and everyone on the floor sure did enjoy it. Most of us were not able to concentrate with the call because of the games. But that’s ok, it’s just for 1 day. I’m sure they’ll understand.

Most of the people think that being a call center agent is so stressful that’s why many of the people don’t want to work in a contact center company also.

I say it depends, you’re the one who create your own happiness. To be happy, you just have to get want you want and want what you get.

In other words be contented with what you have but still strive to get what you want.

Sweet little cup cakes.

I went out with my friend because it’s my day off and he doesn’t have a class.

We both are so broke and we’re just looking for something fun to do without spending money.

We went to the mall first because the Make Your Own Havaianas already started and one of our friend is part of the staff. So, we visited  our friend their, and we really envy her because if your part of MYOH, first you’ve got to earn 500 per day, 1 pair of flip-flop, plus you’re free lunch and dinner at Bigbys. But the experience of being part of MYOH can’t be paid with money. That’s really something that you’ll bring for the rest of your life.

The first days of MYOH is for VIPS and they’ll have a chance to meet the elites in Cebu. I saw some medias there, and some local celebrities. I really swear that I’m gonna join next year.

Anyway, after few walks at the mall we decided to go to some place that we can chill. There’s this cup cake that he’s really bragging about because according to him, it’s really a cup cake like no other. He even describes it as a cup cake that would stop your world. I was really curious about that cup cake. SO, we decided to go there and try the cupcake.

The place was just small, but it was nice and peaceful. We tried one of the cupcake. It really tastes good.

It’s kinda expensive but it’s really worth it.  I’m really not into cup cakes but I swear that it’s really something that I’m gonna crave for.

I even want to learn how to bake cup cakes because of that.

So even if we don’t have money that time. We just enjoyed what we have. Good thing also is I brought my camera, so we enjoyed taking pictures. Especially that both of us are really vain (but he is really more vain).

This is really something that I could recommend to my friends. I would also go back to that place and try their other cupcakes.

I just forgot the name of the place, but I know how to get there. It’s near Ayala center Cebu.  If you know where it is, you have to go there and try their cupcakes. The name of the place is SWEET LITTLE THINGS  ♥♥♥..