Cebu Signature Models Fashion Show

On my previous post I talked about joining CSM modeling workshop. The last part of the workshop, just like any other workshop is an event to show what we learned from the workshop.

We had our fashion show last April 25 at Jcenter mall with of course the workshop finishers and some of the CSM models. The show was really successful, many people watched and I’m sure they enjoyed. The event was not just a plain fashion show cause there were performances from CSM talents. We had 2 outfit changes, 1 was apparels from Kwin Concept shop which is owned by our very own Miss Kwin Cabahug-Kim and the 2nd outfit was our cut and styled shirt.

10155822_663636003690867_8387478933577713843_n 10154158_663636100357524_8303446747707337433_n 10152393_663636197024181_3724617226120539166_n 1907957_663638167023984_6383470815518910087_n 1797549_663638223690645_3367732168351136762_n 988475_663638623690605_4810997950263575931_n 10325715_848541468494833_2528321433029525722_n 10300700_848543811827932_2122379636366538630_n 10269511_858865224129748_4675078797788821201_n IMG_5898 IMG_5897

It was indeed a very nice experience.

Mr. Daryll Carillo from Kapamilya Mas Winner ka and K-boyz was our host and Mr. Jem Cubil Pilipinas Got Talent Finalits was also part of the show.

10257696_848546415161005_7507141521970395732_n 10154015_848546658494314_2179337473904181421_n

With our very own Miss Kwin Cabahug-Kim. :)’

I would also like to thank our photographer Mr. Jofax Janaban for our pictures. (Pictures with official CSM LOGO)

Until our next event guys! 🙂

keep posted


Modeling Workshop by Cebu Signature Models

One of the most hit this summer are workshops. There are a lot of workshops specially if it’s summer because there are no classes. There’s a workshop for singing, dancing, arts and crafts, drawing, and lot lot more which includes modeling.

This year, Cebu Signature Model Talent Agency is conducting a workshop for all aspiring models. I consider it as an opportunity for me to learn more about modeling specially because I’m a beginner . The workshop is for 2 sundays (April 13 and 20).

First Sunday we had 2 speakers, 1 is miss Steffi Aberasturi who joined a lot of pageants and was previously Miss Mandaue. Our second speaker was Miss Kimberly Maitland Smith who is a blogger/stylist/model (Yeeeey blogger!).10246753_10202556411929907_1263834267126813106_n 10177420_10202556410689876_2594480461491676235_n 10174807_10202556424650225_5604733654112625511_n 10156058_10202556519492596_196047310224921100_n 10154394_10202556518052560_8170919966472249593_n 10154091_10202556404569723_2806068697065302637_n 1926702_10202556410009859_8511922472539953213_n 10153067_10202556381129137_4518449937850093761_n 1920556_10202556378969083_4184432901386579022_n 1902827_10202556405129737_3156323662742053830_n 1606949_10202556413529947_7253358186300860546_n 1609987_10202556491771903_4478728243084516422_n 1549303_10202556417450045_7353758464828316687_n.

Miss Steffi Aberasturi taught us how to walk with the different styles of walking, and also taught us the different style of smiling and more. She also lets us do the duck walk which is an exercise to perfect your walk in the ramp (which is really very tiring). Miss Kimberly on the other hand taught us how to customize our shirt. We even cut and styled our own shirt. She also taught us what color is best for our skin color, clothes that best fit our body shape and a lot more.

The second sunday of the workshop, we had Miss Eva Patalinghug and Mr. Gil Wagas as our speakers. Miss eva by the way is Miss Cebu 2014 first runner up and is a MAC Model, Mr. Gil Wagas is Mr. Philippines 2014 and Mr. International 2014 4th runner up.

We really learned a lot from them. Eva and Gil taught us how to walk, how to project and Eva also gave us tips in skin care, and health care.

The workshop not only taught me the basic of modelling but inspires me to be a better person (owwsss? haha. yeah really.)


Cut and Style 2014

You see how people are so stylish during sinulog, wearing stylish, colorful tops with the sinulog t-shirt print. That is because of the Island souvenirs Cut and Style campaign. That started last year and I can really see how successful it is with my favorite blogger , Kryz Uy as the ambassador.

This is their 2nd year and they had the Cut and style fashion show at SM northwing. And I am so lucky that 1 of the event organizer, Tatiana Agustin is my friend and she lets me in. I was so happy to see 2 of my favorite bloggers Kryz Uy and Laureen Uy.

1001017_10152184946067324_1848340362_n 1010785_10152184951537324_802842018_n 1013850_10152184951967324_843889876_n 1016305_10152184941807324_1075795063_n 1017653_10152184950232324_997673450_n 1234704_10152184944522324_86394198_n 1558591_10152184945972324_1732183130_n 1622802_10152184947152324_2020413096_n 1662715_10152184951727324_915007433_n 1795499_10152184948122324_1242475691_n 1897796_10152184951317324_887855706_n

And Hey! look who we have here!!

1888522_10152184910802324_928630220_n 1900064_10152184914532324_907355964_n

I would love to see your cut and styled shirts here so go and share it!

Lets try something new!

Diamonds are girls best friends and so are shoes. But wait!, after reading the first line I know that your thinking of the girly girl shoes. Like heels, stilettos, wedges etc. but no,  I mean, yes of course they are also our bestfreinds, I love them. However this time, I fell inlove with sneakers and skater/canvas shoes. I really dont have lots of them, I have to be honest (although I also dont have lots of heeled or “girly shoes” hahaha), I’m not really a fan.


Vans, DC, Converse, Keds, etc. name it. These are the very known brands when it comes to sneakers or canvas shoes and its not a secret to everybody that I really love the neon green color so I’m really dying to get a neon green sneakers/canvas shoes. (Forgive me for always repeating sneakers/canvas shoes, Im not really sure how they’re called. hehe). Anyway, I saw this shoes from DC when I was window shopping and I thought “hey! this is perfect”, but then I was having second thoughts of buying it cause I might see something better. So I waited and checked for another brand and I saw this one vans shoes which is kinda similar to the first one, simpler but more expensive than the DC shoes. But then, I like it better so I purchased it immediately with no second thoughts. weeeeeee!

1521354_10201578767854400_967481138_nI purchased it in J center mall outlet cause  was with my friends that time, we ate in Tsiboom. Anyway, thats another story for me to tell. 🙂

PicMonkey Collage

In all fairness, I love it cause aside from it’s my favorite color, its so comfortable to wear. I thought of wearing it on  sinulog… but… hmmmmmm.. never mind! I might end up having brown or black sneakers instead of neon green after. And since its just plain, I might paint it and put a design over it. soon. But…. we’ll see! :)… any idea bout the design?

Karsy Fashion Shoot (Part 2)

As promised I’ll give you more of the pics from our shoot.

1.1 1.3 1


This beautiful floral dress and gorgeous heels are from karsy fashion clothing. Please check Miss Karsy’s instagram for more info (@karsyfashion)

2This Top is gorgeous I swear to God. It would perfectly match a skinny pants or leggings which will make look so tall!

Please check Miss Karsy’s instagram for more info (@karsyfashion)

4.1 4.2 4

This short is one of my favorite, It just fits me and it’s spandex! it might not be clear but it has clear studs. It looks so perfect!

Please check Miss Karsy’s instagram for more info (@karsyfashion)


The previous pic has my favorite short but this one has my favorite shoes, it’s so comfortable. The entire outfit is from Karsy fashion clothing. Please check Miss Karsy’s instagram for more info (@karsyfashion)


We went to mactan shrine after with the gorgeous ladies of CSM.

The shirts we’re wearing are personalized CSM shirt. Gorgeous isn’t it? HAHA

Let me just say thank you to our amazing photographer Mr. Jofax San Gabriel.

Karsy Fashion Shoot (Part 1)

It’s really been a while since my last post and I so miss this blog already. Anyway, Recently we had a shoot for Miss Karsy’s apparel and I was so lucky because I was one of the chosen model. I was with Grace, Sheena, Shari and Me. \

We had the shoot in one of the filinvest property 🙂


from the left is sheena, shari, Miss Karsy, Me and Grace

1I’m wearing a CSM top and a tattered short and the shoes is for sale (I just forgot the brand). Please check Miss Karsy’s instagram for more info (@karsyfashion)

2Everything from head to foot is from Karsy Fashion clothing, Please check Miss Karsy’s instagram for more info (@karsyfashion)



1451442_1438753816344909_868286122_nThe Stripe pants is from Karsy Fashion clothing, Please check Miss Karsy’s instagram for more info (@karsyfashion).

4 5This very nice beach bag and gorgeous shoes is from Karsy Fashion clothing, Please check Miss Karsy’s instagram for more info (@karsyfashion).

7This elegant blue dress that perfectly matches with the blue heels is from Karsy Fashion clothing, Please check Miss Karsy’s instagram for more info (@karsyfashion).

I’ll be posting more of the pictures in my next post so just watch for it. More gorgeous clothes and shoes. Check also @karsyfashion in instagram.

Make Your Own Havaianas 2013

1Flip flop fever is on with the Make your Own Havaianas 2013. This is really one of the most anticipated event this year, especially by those flip flop fans. It’s really more fun than choosing pair of slippers readily made because this time, you have the opportunity to choose your sole and strap color with matching pins.


10 229011_10200295799537092_442037688_n


This is really my favorite pair but the color is no longer available 😦


Speaking of pins, I was very lucky because I won the 2 complementary pins from Doyzkie Buenaviaje’s I Luv Cebu promo. I just liked the post about MYOH 2013 and whoaaaala! I won the 2 complementary pins.


The experience was really great. I was with my friends Jared and Kirstey and we really had a lot of fun.

7 61003312_10200295801937152_641206599_n

My friend Dian from the MYOH staff made my pairs and she helped me choose the colors for the sole and strap and helped me choose my pins as well. I so wish to be part of the MYOH 2014, soon.

9 85 1005725_10200295781576643_2048370332_n 3  4

The wall of MYOH was really so cute, they just give me an idea how to decorate the wall in my room.

602967_10200295784256710_1453511237_n 557281_10200295794536967_449332358_n 998229_10200295793576943_337632545_n 970965_10200295786416764_80744980_n  1001697_10200295788096806_591888035_n

         And just when I thought I’m tall, I saw this guy and I was like, what??? HAHAH.


Style Origin 2013!

1011457_10200189226392830_1199389629_nLast June 29, 2013, Ayala Malls, he Philippine Star, Solar Network and Tiger 22 presented Style origin 2013 in Cebu. A fashion show that inspires imagination through the best fashion brands and designers at Ayala Activity center. This is directed by Ariel Lozada and Miss earth 2008, Karla Henry as Host. Kris Hanson, Miss Cebu 2009 and Slater Young was also Featured.

 I was very lucky because I had the chance to watch the most anticipated fashion show of the year. Brands that were featured wereAll Flip Flops, Celine, Artwork, Blued, Cocoon, Filippo, Hush Puppies, ISIS, Folded and Hung, Girbaud, Gems and Designs, Original Penguin, Lady Bag, LAVA, Karimadon, The Travel Club, Rustans, Samsonite, Payless, Pains and Prints, Loalde, and R.A.F. Some distinguished home grown brands, renowned Filipino Designers, Illustrious international labels, lifestyle and industry movers were also featured.








4 1 2 3

4 1 2 3

5 1 2 3 4

5 1 2 3 4

I would love to join the event in the future. Not in the audience but in the runway!♥  soon…

Wheeltek Motors Awards night

Last saturday I was Invited by the Wheeltek motors company on their awards night which was held at Golden Peak Hotel. I was their official photographer that night. My friend Jesa is an HR officer in the company, she is also the Host on the event.

IMG_2471 IMG_2487

Ladies and gents are on their best red carpet attire that’s why I felt so under dressed that time. Although I also thought that it’s more of a hassle if I wear a gown and go to every table to take pictures. I even thought of just wearing a white shirt and a short but that would be very simple for the event and as a photographer.

IMG_2479 IMG_2493
Before the awarding, every branch performed  and there was a contest in singing as well which includes to the excitement of the people. It really was fun especially when all the managers had their surprise dance number. They were really amazing dancers and a very effective comedians. Everybody was laughing and shouting on the performance of the managers. I can say that it was really the main event of the night (HAHAH). Even me, when I was taking pictures I really cant stop laughing at them.

IMG_2598 IMG_2602 PicMonkey CollagePicMonkey Collage2 PicMonkey Collage3 IMG_2738

There were special awards given like star of the night, best dressed in boys and best dressed in girls.
That was really an awesome experience, but after the event, we got tired so instead of going out, we just slept at the hotel.