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I just love styling and Fashion. I love to travel and go somewhere I've never been to. And yeah, I love to be a photographer/stylist someday. I do ramp modeling and Im under Cebu Signature Models Talend Agency.

The Bacolod-Masskara Festival Adventure


I know it’s somewhat late to post this but I’ll post it anyway. Last October, me and Ali went to Bacolod to experience Mascara Festival. It was truly a fun and extremely difficult experience. Yes you heard it right! Extremely difficult!. So what happened was, we arranged this outing for a considerable length of time and we truly can’t bear to wipe it out. Regardless of the fact that there was a tropical storm we still chose to travel. We went to North Bus terminal Saturday morning and shockingly Bacolod outings were scratched off because of the tropical storm (Like, whaaat?) It truly made me extremely upset realizing that we can’t push through with the trip we were so eager to go. Since we truly can’t simply release it, we attempted to go to South Bus terminal trusting that there will be a trip to Bacolod there. So when we arrive there, we rode a Bus going to Toledo City wanting to have the capacity to ride a ship going to Bacolod. When we arrived at Toledo City, we were informed that there’s no trip going to Bacolod and that it was wiped out. We were about to surrender yet a v-hire driver let us know that there’s a trip to Bacolod from Tabuelan port. He said he was certain in light of the fact that it’s as of now his third outing heading off to the port and that there was a trip there going to Bacolod. So we went for an hour ride. Following an hour trip going to Tabuelan, we arrived the port and it was somewhat heartbreaking since they officially ceased the trip going to Bacolod because of the storm. They said that they’ll be continuing the trip most likely tomorrow morning. So since we’re already there, we simply spent the night there and chose to wake up ahead of schedule to check if there will be a trip going to Bacolod. It’s fortunate there’s a shabby space for rent in the place.
So then we woke up at an early hour the following morning, they now continued the trips although there was just a little delay. We landed at Escalante port so we just rode a Bus going to Bacolod terminal. It was at that point around 7pm when we landed at the terminal and it was raining. So then we just took a taxi setting off to the spot where we will be staying.
We arrived at the spot around 8PM so then we had dinner then went out for a bit. It’s never past the point where it is possible to experience Mascara celebration, is it? There were road parties simply like amid Sinulog in Cebu. In spite of the fact that I can truly say that Sinulog is more enjoyable and wild. So anyway, we truly appreciated the night, in any event.
We woke up at a young hour the following morning to go to the well known “The Ruins”. That is truly one of our bucketlist so ACHIEVE!
Anyway, the place was really stunning! It’s beautiful! Some even chose it was their wedding or birthday receptions.
We did not really staylong because we still have to go home since we have work that night.
But the struggle did not end there. On our way home, we rode a motorcycle from The Ruins to terminal. The bus left the terminal around 12. When we get to the port, we were told that all trips were cnacelled due to the storm (Again??). We were advised to transfer to another port because there’s trip going to Cebu there (Again??!). The driver then told all the passengers that if we wanted to transfer to other port, then we have to pay additional 100php. All passengers agreed so we then travelled an hour to transfer to another port. When we get there, there really was 1 ferry that will go to Cebu, although it was delayed but at least there is. We already left the port around 7pm. We arrived at North Bus terminal around 3am.
The trip was really a struggle but it was really worth it!

To Kawasan We Go

I promised to myself to have more travels this year, I even created a travel list. However, because of the busy schedule it’s kinda hard fulfill all the places in my travel list.

Good thing the place of Cebu really has a lot to offer and there’s a lot of places that you can visit and unwind. I really love to go to beaches but this time it’s gonna be different.

I’m sure Kawasan Falls sounds really familiar to most Cebuanos. I’ve heard a lot about the place from my friends so I thought “why not?”.

Here are some of our pictures:

10731086_1568363336717289_2891098220184946729_n 10710814_1568353393384950_4237547416589970954_n 10672415_1568360553384234_989565228809018240_n 10659242_1568360920050864_6351631043379004268_n 10646979_1568353533384936_1887140504751033354_n 10641250_1568353573384932_4330822953242357475_n 10636102_1568351560051800_3510063263655972659_n 10610669_1568353690051587_7294057157000814871_n 10570334_1568351220051834_4016067221040495817_n 10409231_1568353713384918_5510995431094506729_n 10334324_1568363526717270_3201978152289066972_n 10306642_1568353766718246_1523267546415733113_n 10173740_1568353803384909_4727322085281492445_n 1653694_1568361260050830_9183281139015712043_n 1604778_1568363126717310_8648324420421049362_n 64228_1568360566717566_8272300230118048980_n

I went there with my friends Gay with her Boyfriend, Jared, Queenee and Alli.

The falls has 1st level, 2nd level and 3rd level. We went there Sunday so there’s a lot of people in the first level so we went straight to the 2nd level. It would be nice if we also try the 3rd level but we were told that the way to go to the 3rd level is really hard so we just stayed on the 2nd level.

How to go there?

From the heart of Cebu, you can just ride a bus going straight to Badian. When you reach Badian, you still have to walk for approximately 20 mins going to the falls itself. If your lazy and you don’t want to walk, there’s also some motorcycle which will take you to the place. But then, if there’s a lot of you, It would be more fun if you walk rather than take the motorcycle.

See you soon in my next adventure!!!!

Bohol Escapade

I’ve been traveling recently but only within Cebu because I only have limited time and budget. So even if Bohol is just so near Cebu I haven’t been there yet not until recently. Everytime someone knows that I haven’t been to Bohol they’re really shocked and they can’t seem to believe it (as if it’s just an hour drive, HELLO!?). So, anyway, I then decided to go there with my friends.

Before we go there we haven’t had any plans as to where to go and what to ride etc., we just planned to go there, that’ it. So on the planned day, we went to the port and bought a ticket going to Tubigon Bohol not knowing where to go when we reach there. Good thing I saw a blog post about bohol and the places to go to in bohol.

When we reach Tubigon port in Bohol we really don’t know where to go. We don’t even know that Tubigon Bohol is far from Tagbilaran. So we ride a bus from Tubigon to Tagbilaran which only cost us 50php only. From Tagbilaran, we ride a tricycle going to Dumaloan Beach which was mentioned on the Blog. The Blogger said that it’s nice there and he is really right. The pace was so beautiful that you can really compare it to Boracay. The sand is so white and the place is so clean.

IMG_7175 IMG_7161 IMG_7160 IMG_7155 IMG_7152 IMG_7150 IMG_7143 IMG_7135 IMG_7134 IMG_7125 IMG_7124 IMG_7123 IMG_7122 IMG_7119 aIMG_7159 aIMG_7157 aIMG_7129 aIMG_7096 aIMG_7092

On our 2nd day, we went to other places in bohol like the famous Chocolate hills, we visited the famous Tarsier and all the other places.

We wanted to try also the bike zipline but we were not able to try it because it’s raining. But, hopefully soon. 🙂

IMG_141747822052608 IMG_141725912539607 IMG_141721550817376 IMG_141717914034607

Whale Watching in Oslob Cebu

I don’t know if Cebuanos realize this but Cebu is really rich in natural resources and that there are a lot of places to go to when your in Cebu. If your a nature lover or someone who really loves the beach, Cebu is the place to be. Aside from beautiful faces, there are also a lot of nice beaches and resorts, there are amazingly stunning falls, hot springs and a lot more.

One place that you need to visit in Cebu is the whale watching in Oslob. You got to experience swimming with the whales and have a picture taken with them underwater.

CYMERA_20140904_112120 CYMERA_20140904_111314 CYMERA_20140904_111240 CYMERA_20140904_111207

Price is 500php per person which is really worth it. If you don’t know how to swim, there’s no need to worry because you will be provided with life jacket. Although it’s really better if you know how to swim so you can go down the water to get a better view of the whales. But you can still go down the water and just hold the the side part (I dont know what that part is called. hehe) of the outrigger boat – or in our language it’s called “Bangka”- just like what we did.

If you don’t have an underwater camera, you can rent an underwater camera there for 500php. After you use it you can have them transfer the file to you SD card or phone, whatever memory card you have.

Another place that you can visit which is just few kilometers away from there is the Tumalog falls.

CYMERA_20140901_202125 CYMERA_20140901_202035 CYMERA_20140901_122340 CYMERA_20140901_122307 CYMERA_20140901_122146 CYMERA_20140901_185750

The place is really VERY nice and I’m not exaggerating. I was really stunned. We’ll maybe because it’s my first time, but, regardless, the place is really super nice.

Off the Wall. On the Wheels (Go Kart)

According to Ernest Hemingway Auto racing, bull fighting, and mountain climbing are the only real sports… all the others are games. So I went ahead and try 1 of the real sport that he mentioned, Auto racing. But, wait… is this even considered one? hahahah. Well, anyway, Im talking about “Go Karting”.

Honestly I really dont know how to drive a real car yet but I guarantee you that it wont be a real problem cause it’s is easy to drive and control. There are only 2 controllers, 1 is the accelerator and the other is the break. Although since it’s my first time I didn’t drive really fast yet cause I’m a little scared. My friends were like racing and just passing through me while I  was like joy riding. HAHAHAH.
When they were done with the 8 laps I still have 2 laps more to finish. I know that’s a little embarrassing but at least I enjoyed. I promise next time to already race with them (BWAHAHA *evil laugh)

1 10434012_1524203521133271_6393564824416545215_n 10463050_1524203381133285_450483582545055466_n 10492150_1524195104467446_3294030371028083964_n 10516612_1524203254466631_1926880063212252035_nI’m with my team mates at work, Quenee, Hardin, Tabachingching Jess and our coach Matt. 🙂

15196_1524194557800834_6431366223336968464_n 10408897_1524200114466945_4706281837619754704_n 10422057_1524203614466595_9119750192459993912_n 10429466_1524200067800283_8252109945944409091_n 10475711_1524194337800856_97035080768779398_n 10492124_1524194461134177_8768633167541498706_n 10509617_1524191347801155_431828212683688856_n 10485280_1524186301134993_6934896433443158131_n 10505416_1524186374468319_8631899798168134462_n 10502106_1524191931134430_6626594079209547638_n 10501743_1524193751134248_2328262058824313577_n 10526055_1524190761134547_8104647824266681444_n go kKartzone is located in Mabolo Cebu City near Sykes and at the back of Jolibee.
Rate:  400 per 8 laps.

Hope to see you there soon guys! 🙂 Till next time!

Forever 22 at LIV Super Club

OMG. another year and I’m now a year older. Yes, we’re not getting any younger but it doesnt mean that you stop enjoying your life. Just like  what KC said in her commercial, “age is just a number, young is an attidtute!” and I totally agree with this.

As if I’m really that old.. haha. Im still 22 and that’s still young (I guess.. is it?).

Some of you might be wondering where I spent my birthday.

I really love to spend it at the beach with my friends but because of the schedule, the people and of course the budget I was not able to make it happen. But I did not say I did not enjoy my birthday celebration, I did!.. super did!.

Anyway, On May 30th I just spent the day with my family. We had a little celebration at home which we always do everytime someone celebrates his/her birhday. On the 31st, me and my friends went to LIV Super Club which is a new Club in Cebu located at City Time Square across Parkmall.

The place is nice, it’s clean, cool, the crowd is awesome and the music is great! its one of the best place to party and enjoy.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

I was with my friends, RJ and Tats  (they will never be absent), Odessa, Jesa (My friend from college) Glads (My close friend since I started working) and her boyfriend Marion , Anne, Joanne (MAC Model) the cousin of tats and Ching (Anne’s friend) whom they call Luis Manzano cause he looks like Luis and some of their gorgeous friends are there too!

By the way, these Gorgeous pictures are taken by LIV official photographer Michael Ouano (THANKS!)

Here are some of the pics…

10432960_10201428606470250_271784145534997115_n 10431496_10201428609270320_5569347249053489379_n 10415633_10201428618750557_8702852148550291542_n 10409545_10201428600390098_3099460037984353328_n 10402452_10201428620070590_2982086264677999799_n 10402032_10201428606990263_3602259014228315075_n 10388114_10201428607750282_4480445962087071339_n 10373828_10201428608070290_3305958835185040184_n 10372323_10201428623150667_2566184621365336414_n 10370414_10201428601950137_7600738445515370036_n 10363880_10201428603230169_2214677451059883295_n 10350538_10201428605230219_4466025138845503533_n 10338737_10201428605870235_5369861144900135928_n 10313992_10201428620910611_4027021241014117540_n 10177895_10201428617790533_8095171865538658046_n 10006267_10201428608870310_3714181935527617040_nIMG_20140531_231828 CYMERA_20140601_120454 CYMERA_20140601_120343

I recommend that you visit the place on weekend. The entrance fee is P300 that’s with free drink already. The table is P2500 but it’s consumable, the VIP place is P3K ad 6K but it’s also consumable. So if there’s a lot of you P3K and P6K VIP place is better.

It’s the KWIN’S Birthday!!

CYMERA_20140524_113846‘Isn’t that so lovely and stunning?! Yeah I know it is and this is so real, I’m not in a dream land or something. This is in Imperial Palace Cebu. I’m invited by the QUEEN  to visit the palace (hahah), no kidding, I’m invited by Miss Kwin in her birthday at Imperial Palace Cebu for a pool PAAAARTY! hehe.

The place was so nice and the food is sooooo delicious. There are variety of food, different cuisines of different country, fruits are fresh and what I like most is their dessert because its like… OHMYGOD! (hahaha. OA?) they dont just look yummy but they really taste so good.CYMERA_20140524_132529 10414587_1508110262742597_3677085963908162266_n 10409590_1508109866075970_6804030506429515904_n 10404885_1508110329409257_2293973024470950158_n 10382812_1508110059409284_3300530014882154002_n 10378257_1508110166075940_651759299673602430_n 10366078_1508109789409311_5933438654697824393_n 10366039_1508110302742593_6307993468259966853_n 10341546_1508110229409267_1300456657869210030_n 10338334_1508109922742631_2280403396094036117_n 10334247_1508110242742599_3164374267791379887_n 10330308_1508109996075957_1578673238704642233_n 10322791_1508109969409293_1669539762377726836_n 10312732_1508110032742620_8063297767846348342_n 10310698_1508109812742642_3349259067383013819_n 10171251_1508110129409277_8912745478633472873_n

The place is really highly recommended and a must visit place. It’s  located in Maribago, Mactan Island, Cebu Philippines. The resort is around 10-15 from the airport and 30-40 minutes to Cebu City proper.

Credits also to our Photographer Sir Jofax San Gabriel Janaban for the pictures.

Too bad I was not able to spend more time with them cause I left early because I have to go to summer sunscream. 😦

10177460_1435247390064367_846922060911809601_n 1

Cebu Signature Models Fashion Show

On my previous post I talked about joining CSM modeling workshop. The last part of the workshop, just like any other workshop is an event to show what we learned from the workshop.

We had our fashion show last April 25 at Jcenter mall with of course the workshop finishers and some of the CSM models. The show was really successful, many people watched and I’m sure they enjoyed. The event was not just a plain fashion show cause there were performances from CSM talents. We had 2 outfit changes, 1 was apparels from Kwin Concept shop which is owned by our very own Miss Kwin Cabahug-Kim and the 2nd outfit was our cut and styled shirt.

10155822_663636003690867_8387478933577713843_n 10154158_663636100357524_8303446747707337433_n 10152393_663636197024181_3724617226120539166_n 1907957_663638167023984_6383470815518910087_n 1797549_663638223690645_3367732168351136762_n 988475_663638623690605_4810997950263575931_n 10325715_848541468494833_2528321433029525722_n 10300700_848543811827932_2122379636366538630_n 10269511_858865224129748_4675078797788821201_n IMG_5898 IMG_5897

It was indeed a very nice experience.

Mr. Daryll Carillo from Kapamilya Mas Winner ka and K-boyz was our host and Mr. Jem Cubil Pilipinas Got Talent Finalits was also part of the show.

10257696_848546415161005_7507141521970395732_n 10154015_848546658494314_2179337473904181421_n

With our very own Miss Kwin Cabahug-Kim. :)’

I would also like to thank our photographer Mr. Jofax Janaban for our pictures. (Pictures with official CSM LOGO)

Until our next event guys! 🙂

keep posted

Modeling Workshop by Cebu Signature Models

One of the most hit this summer are workshops. There are a lot of workshops specially if it’s summer because there are no classes. There’s a workshop for singing, dancing, arts and crafts, drawing, and lot lot more which includes modeling.

This year, Cebu Signature Model Talent Agency is conducting a workshop for all aspiring models. I consider it as an opportunity for me to learn more about modeling specially because I’m a beginner . The workshop is for 2 sundays (April 13 and 20).

First Sunday we had 2 speakers, 1 is miss Steffi Aberasturi who joined a lot of pageants and was previously Miss Mandaue. Our second speaker was Miss Kimberly Maitland Smith who is a blogger/stylist/model (Yeeeey blogger!).10246753_10202556411929907_1263834267126813106_n 10177420_10202556410689876_2594480461491676235_n 10174807_10202556424650225_5604733654112625511_n 10156058_10202556519492596_196047310224921100_n 10154394_10202556518052560_8170919966472249593_n 10154091_10202556404569723_2806068697065302637_n 1926702_10202556410009859_8511922472539953213_n 10153067_10202556381129137_4518449937850093761_n 1920556_10202556378969083_4184432901386579022_n 1902827_10202556405129737_3156323662742053830_n 1606949_10202556413529947_7253358186300860546_n 1609987_10202556491771903_4478728243084516422_n 1549303_10202556417450045_7353758464828316687_n.

Miss Steffi Aberasturi taught us how to walk with the different styles of walking, and also taught us the different style of smiling and more. She also lets us do the duck walk which is an exercise to perfect your walk in the ramp (which is really very tiring). Miss Kimberly on the other hand taught us how to customize our shirt. We even cut and styled our own shirt. She also taught us what color is best for our skin color, clothes that best fit our body shape and a lot more.

The second sunday of the workshop, we had Miss Eva Patalinghug and Mr. Gil Wagas as our speakers. Miss eva by the way is Miss Cebu 2014 first runner up and is a MAC Model, Mr. Gil Wagas is Mr. Philippines 2014 and Mr. International 2014 4th runner up.

We really learned a lot from them. Eva and Gil taught us how to walk, how to project and Eva also gave us tips in skin care, and health care.

The workshop not only taught me the basic of modelling but inspires me to be a better person (owwsss? haha. yeah really.)


Summer Activities

Yes it’s summer and wouldn’t it be nice to be involved in some outdoor activities? Yes absolutely it is. You wont just have fun, it would also make you fit and healthy.

One of the best place to be when talking about summer activities is really Papakits in Liloan. They have a lot of physical actvities there. They wall climbing, zipline, and my favorite which is Wakeboarding!! Those are the 3 activities that we tried. They also have obstacle course, 4X4, biking, you can also do fishing and swimming in the pool and much much more.

1601394_1488085951411695_1304263857_n 564747_1488086014745022_428639423_n 1394182_1488085998078357_1095227077_n 983625_1488085834745040_257821127_n 1507183_1488086018078355_1312611072_n 1017735_1488085078078449_283391540_n 1535040_1488089641411326_2027371453_n 10001348_1488085898078367_1631618244_n 10006941_1488085114745112_527907447_n 10154371_1488085691411721_1947328780_n 10014911_1488089661411324_1003780068_n 10173591_1488086174745006_1405652340_n 10172686_1488085978078359_1475704981_n


My favorite was really wakeboarding because it’s really very cool. It’s kinda hard but it just takes some practice and sooner or later you will get it. You shouldn’t be afraid to try again and never be afraid to stumble and fall because it’s normal. I’m sure the pro wake boarders fell a lot of times before they became the best hat they are.

1461021_1488090201411270_521714866_n 1601266_1488090258077931_1185756807_n 1970843_1488089898077967_117063340_n 1977319_1488090294744594_1537207747_n 10013922_1488090398077917_984934988_n 10007028_1488090284744595_1893130315_n 10168115_1488089848077972_181802737_n 10157400_1488090191411271_1887963172_n 10174910_1488089858077971_152755453_n