Off the Wall. On the Wheels (Go Kart)

According to Ernest Hemingway Auto racing, bull fighting, and mountain climbing are the only real sports… all the others are games. So I went ahead and try 1 of the real sport that he mentioned, Auto racing. But, wait… is this even considered one? hahahah. Well, anyway, Im talking about “Go Karting”.

Honestly I really dont know how to drive a real car yet but I guarantee you that it wont be a real problem cause it’s is easy to drive and control. There are only 2 controllers, 1 is the accelerator and the other is the break. Although since it’s my first time I didn’t drive really fast yet cause I’m a little scared. My friends were like racing and just passing through me while I  was like joy riding. HAHAHAH.
When they were done with the 8 laps I still have 2 laps more to finish. I know that’s a little embarrassing but at least I enjoyed. I promise next time to already race with them (BWAHAHA *evil laugh)

1 10434012_1524203521133271_6393564824416545215_n 10463050_1524203381133285_450483582545055466_n 10492150_1524195104467446_3294030371028083964_n 10516612_1524203254466631_1926880063212252035_nI’m with my team mates at work, Quenee, Hardin, Tabachingching Jess and our coach Matt. 🙂

15196_1524194557800834_6431366223336968464_n 10408897_1524200114466945_4706281837619754704_n 10422057_1524203614466595_9119750192459993912_n 10429466_1524200067800283_8252109945944409091_n 10475711_1524194337800856_97035080768779398_n 10492124_1524194461134177_8768633167541498706_n 10509617_1524191347801155_431828212683688856_n 10485280_1524186301134993_6934896433443158131_n 10505416_1524186374468319_8631899798168134462_n 10502106_1524191931134430_6626594079209547638_n 10501743_1524193751134248_2328262058824313577_n 10526055_1524190761134547_8104647824266681444_n go kKartzone is located in Mabolo Cebu City near Sykes and at the back of Jolibee.
Rate:  400 per 8 laps.

Hope to see you there soon guys! 🙂 Till next time!