Forever 22 at LIV Super Club

OMG. another year and I’m now a year older. Yes, we’re not getting any younger but it doesnt mean that you stop enjoying your life. Just like  what KC said in her commercial, “age is just a number, young is an attidtute!” and I totally agree with this.

As if I’m really that old.. haha. Im still 22 and that’s still young (I guess.. is it?).

Some of you might be wondering where I spent my birthday.

I really love to spend it at the beach with my friends but because of the schedule, the people and of course the budget I was not able to make it happen. But I did not say I did not enjoy my birthday celebration, I did!.. super did!.

Anyway, On May 30th I just spent the day with my family. We had a little celebration at home which we always do everytime someone celebrates his/her birhday. On the 31st, me and my friends went to LIV Super Club which is a new Club in Cebu located at City Time Square across Parkmall.

The place is nice, it’s clean, cool, the crowd is awesome and the music is great! its one of the best place to party and enjoy.

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I was with my friends, RJ and Tats  (they will never be absent), Odessa, Jesa (My friend from college) Glads (My close friend since I started working) and her boyfriend Marion , Anne, Joanne (MAC Model) the cousin of tats and Ching (Anne’s friend) whom they call Luis Manzano cause he looks like Luis and some of their gorgeous friends are there too!

By the way, these Gorgeous pictures are taken by LIV official photographer Michael Ouano (THANKS!)

Here are some of the pics…

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I recommend that you visit the place on weekend. The entrance fee is P300 that’s with free drink already. The table is P2500 but it’s consumable, the VIP place is P3K ad 6K but it’s also consumable. So if there’s a lot of you P3K and P6K VIP place is better.


It’s the KWIN’S Birthday!!

CYMERA_20140524_113846‘Isn’t that so lovely and stunning?! Yeah I know it is and this is so real, I’m not in a dream land or something. This is in Imperial Palace Cebu. I’m invited by the QUEEN  to visit the palace (hahah), no kidding, I’m invited by Miss Kwin in her birthday at Imperial Palace Cebu for a pool PAAAARTY! hehe.

The place was so nice and the food is sooooo delicious. There are variety of food, different cuisines of different country, fruits are fresh and what I like most is their dessert because its like… OHMYGOD! (hahaha. OA?) they dont just look yummy but they really taste so good.CYMERA_20140524_132529 10414587_1508110262742597_3677085963908162266_n 10409590_1508109866075970_6804030506429515904_n 10404885_1508110329409257_2293973024470950158_n 10382812_1508110059409284_3300530014882154002_n 10378257_1508110166075940_651759299673602430_n 10366078_1508109789409311_5933438654697824393_n 10366039_1508110302742593_6307993468259966853_n 10341546_1508110229409267_1300456657869210030_n 10338334_1508109922742631_2280403396094036117_n 10334247_1508110242742599_3164374267791379887_n 10330308_1508109996075957_1578673238704642233_n 10322791_1508109969409293_1669539762377726836_n 10312732_1508110032742620_8063297767846348342_n 10310698_1508109812742642_3349259067383013819_n 10171251_1508110129409277_8912745478633472873_n

The place is really highly recommended and a must visit place. It’s  located in Maribago, Mactan Island, Cebu Philippines. The resort is around 10-15 from the airport and 30-40 minutes to Cebu City proper.

Credits also to our Photographer Sir Jofax San Gabriel Janaban for the pictures.

Too bad I was not able to spend more time with them cause I left early because I have to go to summer sunscream. 😦

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