Cut and Style 2014

You see how people are so stylish during sinulog, wearing stylish, colorful tops with the sinulog t-shirt print. That is because of the Island souvenirs Cut and Style campaign. That started last year and I can really see how successful it is with my favorite blogger , Kryz Uy as the ambassador.

This is their 2nd year and they had the Cut and style fashion show at SM northwing. And I am so lucky that 1 of the event organizer, Tatiana Agustin is my friend and she lets me in. I was so happy to see 2 of my favorite bloggers Kryz Uy and Laureen Uy.

1001017_10152184946067324_1848340362_n 1010785_10152184951537324_802842018_n 1013850_10152184951967324_843889876_n 1016305_10152184941807324_1075795063_n 1017653_10152184950232324_997673450_n 1234704_10152184944522324_86394198_n 1558591_10152184945972324_1732183130_n 1622802_10152184947152324_2020413096_n 1662715_10152184951727324_915007433_n 1795499_10152184948122324_1242475691_n 1897796_10152184951317324_887855706_n

And Hey! look who we have here!!

1888522_10152184910802324_928630220_n 1900064_10152184914532324_907355964_n

I would love to see your cut and styled shirts here so go and share it!


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