Fireworks, fire crackers, food, polka dots, flutes and party!!! happy new year everyone!

Its really nice to open a new chapter of your life and start it with a good vibes. 2013 is a roller coaster ride for me and Im so thankful for those people who rode it with me and makes the ride memorable. We’ll I guess this is the best time to reminisce and think about the things that happened. It has been a good year for me and I’m crossing my fingers that hopefully this continues this 2014.PicMonkey Collage2

As I was browsing through my pictures, I realize that time really runs so fast. That’s already another 365 days and I feel that its not enough for everything that I wanted to do. But then, I have another 365 days to do it, so I guess I shouldn’t worry then.

PicMonkey Collage3

I wish to have more dreams, hope and goals fulfilled, achievements, traveled places, shoes, clothes looks in lookbook and entries is my blog!! weeeeee! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!


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