Girlfriends Night Out!

Saturday December 14, I was with my girlfriends for dinner. We went to simply J’s which is located at Apitong st. Escario, near Ayala Center Ceu. The food is great and the place is so nice and serene which I would say perfect for us girls (aheeem. demure).

1515002_1443743079179316_894718381_nIts really been a long time since we hang out together, because we are sooooo busy with a lot of things. Kreir is finishing her studies and is so busy with her thesis. Glads and I are so busy with a lot of things especially with work. But anyway, I am so happy that finally we were able to find time to at least eat out. Girl stuff, food, dresses, make ups, celebrities, fashion, other pretty girls (haha) and boyssss, I just so miss talking to these girls about these stuff.

IMG_20131214_202053[1]This is Glads and Kreir

CYMERA_20131214_203413[1]Me with pretty Kreir.IMG_20131214_202148[1]Me with the girl I wish to be my sister. hahaha its glads 🙂

You can always visit simply J’s and try  their back ribs (thats what we ate) cause its so big and tasty, you might also wanna try their other food and tell me what food you can recommend so when I get back their, I can also try it. 😛

Feel free to tweet  and share! 😛


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