Wheeltek Motors Awards night

Last saturday I was Invited by the Wheeltek motors company on their awards night which was held at Golden Peak Hotel. I was their official photographer that night. My friend Jesa is an HR officer in the company, she is also the Host on the event.

IMG_2471 IMG_2487

Ladies and gents are on their best red carpet attire that’s why I felt so under dressed that time. Although I also thought that it’s more of a hassle if I wear a gown and go to every table to take pictures. I even thought of just wearing a white shirt and a short but that would be very simple for the event and as a photographer.

IMG_2479 IMG_2493
Before the awarding, every branch performed  and there was a contest in singing as well which includes to the excitement of the people. It really was fun especially when all the managers had their surprise dance number. They were really amazing dancers and a very effective comedians. Everybody was laughing and shouting on the performance of the managers. I can say that it was really the main event of the night (HAHAH). Even me, when I was taking pictures I really cant stop laughing at them.

IMG_2598 IMG_2602 PicMonkey CollagePicMonkey Collage2 PicMonkey Collage3 IMG_2738

There were special awards given like star of the night, best dressed in boys and best dressed in girls.
That was really an awesome experience, but after the event, we got tired so instead of going out, we just slept at the hotel.


Girls Frustration

A lot of things to buy a little money to spend. Urrgggh. I really hate this irony. I have this attitude that if I want something, I want to have it as soon as possible. No wonder that I dont have any savings on my own. It’s an investment anyway so it’s ok.

1I saw this short in Top shop and I really was stunned. These shorts are part of my checklist and I promise to have it soon!
One reason why I love short shorts, aside from they really look amazing, it also makes me look taller.

a3 a2 aI just so miss my curl hair especially because a lot of people just love it. I’m still preparing my hair for curls since it’s not that long yet. But I’m almost there so I’m so excited to have my hair curled again. I’ll have it in tony and jacky where I had it before. There hair curls are just so lovely, you will never regret to pay the price.

b2 b b3Oh my god! I just fell inlove with Kryz Uy’s backless dresses. I admit that she really has a lot of amazing outfit but her backless dresses are outrageously gorgeous. And this is one of the reason why I’m a follower of her blog. By the way, the last one in the picture is Camille and she’s just as lovely as her dress.

c1 c c4  c2I’ve been wanting to buy a new shoes it’s just that my money was spent on beach outings last summer. But since summer is over, I will set aside something for a new shoes. I’m really a primadonna shoe lover and I’m planing to buy the chunky heeled shoes for office use, stiletto heels is very useful in some events to attend especially for ramp modelling. And a pair of booties because they look cute! haha.

dAnd 1 of my frustration, wish, dream and whatever you call it is to be part of the bloggers United soon! Although I’m already part of the Cebu fashion bloggers which is really an honor for me, I would really love to be part of the Bloggers United with all the big time fashion bloggers all around the Philippines.

Dream. Believe. Survive. (Startruck?) hahaha.

I’ll stay with wordpress ♥


I’m sorry, it’s really been a while that I haven’t posted on this blog. I’m supposed to change my blog and deactivate my wordpress blog, but I change my mind and I choose to stay with this and still keep the new one I made. If you want you can also visit the new blog at http://rheainot.blogspot.com/. Thanks! ♥
Right now I’m still confused as to what blog to keep but most likely since I started with this, I might just be keeping this.