Mike Yapching a New Cebuano Designer

I was watching ETCETERA on etc and good thing that it’s holy week so it’s like an ETCETERA marathon. I really love watching etcetera on etc because aside from patti and kim are really gorgeous it’s also so ME. However, because I work almost everyday (with 2 Rest days per week) so I dont get to watch it always. I really missed a lot of episode, so Im really happy that they showed some of the previous episodes again.

Well anyway, I saw this episode when they feature Mike Yapching, a young filipino designer and guess what? he’s Cebuano which makes me very proud. He really is so amazing and his works are gorgeous! He is a finalist at the 2011 Audi Star Creation fashion design competition held in the Asian Fashion Exchange (AFX) in Singapore. He made it into the final round of the 2012 Audi Star Creation fashion design competition besting 144 others from 13 countries in Asia (amazing right?).


This is Mike. I just got this pic in google. (HEHEHE)

I so, so, so love his creations and I would really love to wear even just 1 of his creation soon! (I wish i’ll have a chance to). His creations are full of lines and I love it when he said “lines are my way of showing emotion”. I can’t seem to understand how and why, all I know is that the creations are really amazing!


This is one of my favorite ♥♥♥




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