She’s now 1 year wiser! ☺

It’s her birthday and I know she would really love it if I’m gonna write something about her ( coz’ she’s vain. haha). PicMonkey Collage523640_3585313193027_1712779151_n 208843_3495210858448_1700329530_n

I just so miss this chic. She’s in leyte right now. enjoying her SUMMER!.

I actually never imagine that I’m gonna be so close to this girl cause the first time we know each other, we always argue with almost everything. We were friends since first year college, we have the same schedule and we’re together all the time. We have a lot of things in common, and we agree on almost everything. We almost have the same likes, from clothes, idols, food, dreams and BOYS.. hahaha.

We’re mean! YES we are, but we are also crazy. We might have our own world sometimes especially when we’re with our group of friends. And when we’re with them, we’re crazier.

We have signals that we 2 only understand. There are times that we just look at each other and we already know what we meant. Weird thing about us, especially when we’re at the mall, we don’t mind boys, we mind girls! AHAHAh. No we’re not lebos, it’s just that we know how to appreciate beautiful and pretty girls (wwweeeee?). HAHAha.

OK to much for the compliments. haha. anyway, happy birthday Sheen! Your now 1 year wiser!

I miss this girl! Hope to see her soon. Hopefully in leyte, in their place. ☺


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