it’s JAYSON’s birthday


Yes! it’s Jayson’s birthday celebration. Jayson is really one of my close friend and I really love talking to him especially when it’s all about love and life because he really  has a LOT to say.  Now that it’s his birthday, it’s my turn to say a LOT of things about him. HAHA.  Anyway, I used to call him “My Hollywood Friend” because there was this time that his hair looks like 1 of the  member of 1 Direction. He used to call me “my celebrity Friend”.

So anyway, we planned to celebrate his birthday at Songhits in BTC, but since I also promised 1 of my friend that I’m gonna go to their house warming, we went there first. We stayed there for less than an hour and went to the meeting place.

We went to songhits aroung 9pm. The room that we had has a kinect and is also good for karaoke. We really enjoyed it a lot, especially the kinect. While others were singing, some of us were doing the kinect.


We went to Tonios after. We stayed there for about 2 hours I think, and then went to Milan, kim and April’s new house. We continued drinking there, some fell asleep because they were already tipsy, some were just tired. Some fell asleep, but I… I fell inlove. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. kidding!.. sound so wrong?.. i know. haha.


Anyway, we enjoyed chit chatting with them that I didn’t notice that I already fell asleep (I had a lot of tequila). The last time I remember I was just talking to them, the next thing I know, I was already on April’s room. It’s really embarrassing because I was crying and asked them not to leave me. I was also uttering the words “Dili na lage ko ganahan niya, di man sya kasabot…” which means that “I dont like him anymore, he really can’t understand”..

I mean what I say, it’s just that it doesn’t need to be said. hahaha. so embarrassing. But anyway, overall, I enjoyed…  a LOT! ☺☺☺☺

By the way, this was what I wore.






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