Sinulog ♥♥♥

Sinulog is really one of my most awaited event of the year. It’s a celebration for the feast of Sr. Sto Niño. I was not able to complete the novena mass but at least I was able to attend 1 mass with my friend arvin after we watched the Sinulog sa kabataan sa dakbayan.

For those who don’t know and have no idea what Sinulog festival is and have not attended it yet, you miss half of your life (HAHA). Kidding, anyway, during that day, there’s a grand parade with dancers dancing to the Sinulog beat. The dancer’s are actually contingents of the Sinulog dance contest. There are different floats from different companys, organizations and etc. Local network channel has floats also with their stars on it.

The stars are one of the reason why people watched. But for young people, like me (hehehe) the street party is what we’re up to. There really are a lot of people in the street partying, drinking and making noise. What I enjoyed the most is the “war of paints” as they call it. People bring face paint or body paints and wipe it to their face and body and wipe it to their friend or any other people also. that’s why during sinulog people are really so dirty and full of paints.


Anyway, so what happened was, even before sinulog day, a lot of people would really ask “so where are you going this sinulog” and I’ll just reply “How about you?” and we’ll end up saying, “let’s ho together, ok?” veryone would tell thats to almost everybody. But I went their together with my college friends, the meeting time was 10am but ofcourse, Filipino time, we all met by 2PM. Fuente circle really has a LOT of people to the point that me and my friends can’t almost cross the next street.

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We all then went to Baseline where, I think, everybody meet. I met and encountered a lot of people. We looked for our other friends, which really is so hard since there are really a lot of people, plus the phone network is not working properly so we cannot call some of our friends. So we went to Joan’s apt. which is just near the area, but when we arrived their, nobody’s home, we called her and they were on the the place where were at before we went to her apt. so we went back with drinks on hand.

We then started to look for a place where we can stay and party but it seems that there’s really a lot of people and it’s hard to look for a place where we can settle down. So what we did, we ate first and while waiting for the “liempo” to be cooked, me and some of my friends went to Route stop which is across the street where we planned to eat. Josef and his friends were there together with GF Eliza. We had chit chats with them and went back to eat first.


After we eat, we went to the open place near it with a band and music. We started partying there, and wait, I forgot to tell you that we are full of paints already and so dirty, but it’s a sign that we’re having fun =). What makes us so dirty also is the shower of beer/liquid, people don’t drink beer this time, they shower it, but still, it’s fun.

Aside from my college friends, I was with some friends of friends also like Tam and Joel. They we’re really so game, fun to be with and they’re cute (hahahha). chiro also was there and what’s so shocking is, her GF is my friend’s friend. It’s a small world after all. We we’re with Josef’s friend also, Paul and Michael, they we’re just at the side enjoying their drink. As Paul said, “We’re too old for this shit”. I say, Age is just a number and young is an attitude (HAHAHA). It’s not bad to party, get wasted and have fun sometimes. We only live life once, so make the most out of it.


We went home by around 2am because some of my friends still has work and classes the following day. Thanks to Joan because she let me and pam sleep at her apt.

I really had a lot of FUN and it was the best Sinulog EVER.


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