what am I up to this past few days, weeks and month?

what am I up to this past few days, weeks and month?
Just recently, I was accepted to be part of a new modeling agency called “Cebu Signature Models” and I’m so happy because I know this is something that I really love doing.


The agency, the people, the models, the team behind the agency, they’re just simply amazing!
Let me just give you a brief description of what Cebu Signature Model is.

Cebu is having its newest! Grandest! And freshest! Modeling agency. The CEBU SIGNATURE MODELS is a newly established modeling agency providing fresh,new and beautiful models to model, endorse and advertise any product, occasion, events such as fashion shows, photo shoots, ramp modeling, image modeling etc.

The CEBU SIGNATURE MODELS is composed of the CSM team who are experts in their field of fashion, business, modeling and marketing.The agency is Affiliated with known and bigtime businessmen media people and business icons in Cebu.

*SIGNATURE =famous extraordinary in demand and sought after models.

1. We provide exposure for aspiring models thru our events, fashion shows photo shoots and we will market it with our company clients, sponsors and other business legends. Aside from that
2. we also offer free modeling workshops, fashion workshops for our models. They are exposed while they are learning.
3. They get the chance to be with and work with cebu’s VIP cebuanos, FAMOUS icons, sons and daughters of Cebu’s royal families.
4. You will be the PIONEERING models in the agency.
5. You will get referrals, good connections for future use.

We have a lot of activities pending for this year until next year and I’m just so excited about it.

We had our pre-launching in Montebello Hotel and it was a successful event. I mean, for a beginner like us to have a very successful, wonderful and amazing event like that, not bad. Plus the models.. aheeeemmm… they are gorgeous! HAHAHah.

16 753_4106228413505_1921446519_n 3 4 5
I’m not being bias here, ok? hehe.
If you want to know more about Cebu Signature Models you can like the Facebook page Cebu Signature Models and you can watch our future events.

We’ll have our fashion show this December 30 at Waterfront Hotel and Casino Mactan, December 31 at Montebello Villa Hotel, January 5, 2013 at J centre mall and our grand launching will be on January 18 at Montebello Villa Hotel.\


more pictures of the models in Cebu Signature Models Page.


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