I’ve been very stress at work and I really wanted to have 1 day to break away. Me and my friends planned to have an outing at the beach but it’s always being pushed back because of our schedules. But at last, we finally scheduled a date

First we planned of going to Bantayan or Camotes but because we have limited time we decided to just have it near our place. I actually have to work the day after. So we then decided to go to Karancho Beach resort.
The place is nice and affordable.

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I was with my friends Shin, Eliza, Anna and Shin’s boyfriend Jaz and with us is Josef and his friends Paul, Michael, Pacs and arvin. SO sad that Jesa and Justine was not able to come with us. They’re also busy with their schedules that’s why.






I first met my friends at the market so we can buy food to eat like meat, fish, chicken and some spices. We bought charcoal as well cause we’re planning to grill the pork meat and the fish.


We went to Robinson after to buy some Junk foods and drinks. We’re supposed to wait for Josef’s friend at Robinson but they went back to SM because they left something so we just went to Karancho first.

Josef arrived after a couple of minutes and his friends arrived a couple of hours after him. It was not actually my first time to meet Josef’s friends except michael. They’re easy to get a long with so we have no problems with them at all.

Anna and arvin broke the ice when we start teasing them and they start throwing pick up lines to each other. Josef’s friends taught arvin what pick up line to throw and me and my friends taught anna as well. They were so game and we really had fun. But anna went home early so the fun ended early as well.


People were so tired because some came from work and doesn’t have sleep yet.

At around 12 MN me, Eliza, Josef and Michael we went swimming and at around 3am we went home, no, I mean, they went home and I worked.


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