MagTV na viewers choice award year 4. ☺

I was very happy because I was again invited by the MagTV staff for their viewers choice award year 4. All the Guest hosts were invited because we will be given a certificate of recognition.


I was able to meet some of the other guest host and they we’re so friend ly and nice.IMG_0383

The event took place at ayala center cebu.

The program started at arounf 1PM. All the Hosts and staff we’re already there and it was so friendly of Borgie that he came and approach us, asked us if we’re ok. We had a little chit chat and picture taking.


Miss Mandaue Nicole Tuazon was also there.


The program started with a song number from the pretty lady who won during the sinulog singing contest (I forgot the title of the contest). She has a really nice voice. 


Then the nominees and winners we’re announced.



To break the ice, there was also a performance from Anna Fegi who really has a very nice voice, I mean VERY nice voice.


We then are given a certificate of recognition. We we’re called one by one to come up on stage. There was a special award for the Guest host with the best performance and it was given to the girl on the picture (I forgot her name, sorry.. hehehe)



After the program, we had picture taking with the hosts and staff. The staff we’re really nice and accomodating, they treat us like their friends so we really did not feel like we we’re JUST guest host, we felt like we are part of the family. They even planned of having a chrismas party which I really an looking forward to.







As to what I wore..



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