practice makes perfect!☺

I’ve been very busy this past few days I almost don’t have time to sleep.  I sleep  for just 2-3 hours per day and that is because of this.



We’ve been practicing our presentation for our company’s christmas party. Every account’s production number is one of the things that people look forward to every year.

We actually started our practice late so we have to double our time and effort to finish our presentation. Other accounts started practicing 1-2 months before the party so we really are very pressured because we know that they will give a good competition.


Last year we’re 2nd so we’re aiming for the 1st prize this year. Last year’s concept was really nice and amazing, it’s just that it was not properly polished since we lack time as well.

At one point I actually thought of not joining the dance so I can enjoy the party and 2nd thing I was not able to practice early and I’m afraid that I might not able to get the steps of the dance. But still, I really want to perform so I stil end up joining the presentation.

It’s really very hard for us since we have to practice after work. It’s very exhausting and so stressfull but we have to do it to perfect the presentation. I know at one point all of us thought of quitting especially because there are a lot of dancers who already quit. But we’re standing still. I know all the hard work will be payed off.

Earning money is hard, and not all the things that you have to do is something that you like but you have to do the things that you really want once in a while so you can see the beauty of life.



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