what am I up to this past few days, weeks and month?

what am I up to this past few days, weeks and month?
Just recently, I was accepted to be part of a new modeling agency called “Cebu Signature Models” and I’m so happy because I know this is something that I really love doing.


The agency, the people, the models, the team behind the agency, they’re just simply amazing!
Let me just give you a brief description of what Cebu Signature Model is.

Cebu is having its newest! Grandest! And freshest! Modeling agency. The CEBU SIGNATURE MODELS is a newly established modeling agency providing fresh,new and beautiful models to model, endorse and advertise any product, occasion, events such as fashion shows, photo shoots, ramp modeling, image modeling etc.

The CEBU SIGNATURE MODELS is composed of the CSM team who are experts in their field of fashion, business, modeling and marketing.The agency is Affiliated with known and bigtime businessmen media people and business icons in Cebu.

*SIGNATURE =famous extraordinary in demand and sought after models.

1. We provide exposure for aspiring models thru our events, fashion shows photo shoots and we will market it with our company clients, sponsors and other business legends. Aside from that
2. we also offer free modeling workshops, fashion workshops for our models. They are exposed while they are learning.
3. They get the chance to be with and work with cebu’s VIP cebuanos, FAMOUS icons, sons and daughters of Cebu’s royal families.
4. You will be the PIONEERING models in the agency.
5. You will get referrals, good connections for future use.

We have a lot of activities pending for this year until next year and I’m just so excited about it.

We had our pre-launching in Montebello Hotel and it was a successful event. I mean, for a beginner like us to have a very successful, wonderful and amazing event like that, not bad. Plus the models.. aheeeemmm… they are gorgeous! HAHAHah.

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I’m not being bias here, ok? hehe.
If you want to know more about Cebu Signature Models you can like the Facebook page Cebu Signature Models and you can watch our future events.

We’ll have our fashion show this December 30 at Waterfront Hotel and Casino Mactan, December 31 at Montebello Villa Hotel, January 5, 2013 at J centre mall and our grand launching will be on January 18 at Montebello Villa Hotel.\


more pictures of the models in Cebu Signature Models Page.



I’ve been very stress at work and I really wanted to have 1 day to break away. Me and my friends planned to have an outing at the beach but it’s always being pushed back because of our schedules. But at last, we finally scheduled a date

First we planned of going to Bantayan or Camotes but because we have limited time we decided to just have it near our place. I actually have to work the day after. So we then decided to go to Karancho Beach resort.
The place is nice and affordable.

21646_4045580297340_131988909_n  64640_4045584737451_647507186_n 67649_4045580857354_1998445164_n

I was with my friends Shin, Eliza, Anna and Shin’s boyfriend Jaz and with us is Josef and his friends Paul, Michael, Pacs and arvin. SO sad that Jesa and Justine was not able to come with us. They’re also busy with their schedules that’s why.






I first met my friends at the market so we can buy food to eat like meat, fish, chicken and some spices. We bought charcoal as well cause we’re planning to grill the pork meat and the fish.


We went to Robinson after to buy some Junk foods and drinks. We’re supposed to wait for Josef’s friend at Robinson but they went back to SM because they left something so we just went to Karancho first.

Josef arrived after a couple of minutes and his friends arrived a couple of hours after him. It was not actually my first time to meet Josef’s friends except michael. They’re easy to get a long with so we have no problems with them at all.

Anna and arvin broke the ice when we start teasing them and they start throwing pick up lines to each other. Josef’s friends taught arvin what pick up line to throw and me and my friends taught anna as well. They were so game and we really had fun. But anna went home early so the fun ended early as well.


People were so tired because some came from work and doesn’t have sleep yet.

At around 12 MN me, Eliza, Josef and Michael we went swimming and at around 3am we went home, no, I mean, they went home and I worked.

MagTV na viewers choice award year 4. ☺

I was very happy because I was again invited by the MagTV staff for their viewers choice award year 4. All the Guest hosts were invited because we will be given a certificate of recognition.


I was able to meet some of the other guest host and they we’re so friend ly and nice.IMG_0383

The event took place at ayala center cebu.

The program started at arounf 1PM. All the Hosts and staff we’re already there and it was so friendly of Borgie that he came and approach us, asked us if we’re ok. We had a little chit chat and picture taking.


Miss Mandaue Nicole Tuazon was also there.


The program started with a song number from the pretty lady who won during the sinulog singing contest (I forgot the title of the contest). She has a really nice voice. 


Then the nominees and winners we’re announced.



To break the ice, there was also a performance from Anna Fegi who really has a very nice voice, I mean VERY nice voice.


We then are given a certificate of recognition. We we’re called one by one to come up on stage. There was a special award for the Guest host with the best performance and it was given to the girl on the picture (I forgot her name, sorry.. hehehe)



After the program, we had picture taking with the hosts and staff. The staff we’re really nice and accomodating, they treat us like their friends so we really did not feel like we we’re JUST guest host, we felt like we are part of the family. They even planned of having a chrismas party which I really an looking forward to.







As to what I wore..


practice makes perfect!☺

I’ve been very busy this past few days I almost don’t have time to sleep.  I sleep  for just 2-3 hours per day and that is because of this.



We’ve been practicing our presentation for our company’s christmas party. Every account’s production number is one of the things that people look forward to every year.

We actually started our practice late so we have to double our time and effort to finish our presentation. Other accounts started practicing 1-2 months before the party so we really are very pressured because we know that they will give a good competition.


Last year we’re 2nd so we’re aiming for the 1st prize this year. Last year’s concept was really nice and amazing, it’s just that it was not properly polished since we lack time as well.

At one point I actually thought of not joining the dance so I can enjoy the party and 2nd thing I was not able to practice early and I’m afraid that I might not able to get the steps of the dance. But still, I really want to perform so I stil end up joining the presentation.

It’s really very hard for us since we have to practice after work. It’s very exhausting and so stressfull but we have to do it to perfect the presentation. I know at one point all of us thought of quitting especially because there are a lot of dancers who already quit. But we’re standing still. I know all the hard work will be payed off.

Earning money is hard, and not all the things that you have to do is something that you like but you have to do the things that you really want once in a while so you can see the beauty of life.