It’s my first time to be invited to be one of the muse of a basketball team. At first, it was the team coach who talked to my mom and asked permission. But my mom told him to talked to me because she can’t just agree in behalf of me.

So he went back the next day and talked to me. He talked about the pay and all. At first I really didn’t agree because I haven’t experienced joining those kind of stuff. But he really convinced me at the same time I also need the money (Hehehe) so I then agreed.

And so the day has finally come. I woke up early cause I know that the program also starts early.  My mom thought I’ll be off to work early, she forgot that it’s the day of the parade. So then, I prepared all my stuff and myself. Then the team coach/manager just picked me up with his van together with the basketball team and one of the muse.

We arrived there just in time. After a couple of minutes, the parade then started. The parade was for almost an hour. It was so hot but I have no right to complain, it’s part f it, hello!?..

We arrived at the gym around 10am but before the program starts, all the muse we’re briefed and was told what to do. We just knew that there’s also a talent portion and none of us we’re really prepared about it.

So first, we had to ramp and introduce our teams, good thing there’s 2 of us in 1 team. So after the ramp and introduction is the talent portion. We really don’t know what to do, our first option was to dance, but HELLO!? FREESTYLE!? that would be terrible,  what are we in the bar? HAHAH. So we decided to just sing. Good thing me and my partner knows the song SUPER BASS.  We decided to just sing the super bass together.

When they’re about to announce the winner, my nervousness was already gone. We’ll I know I won’t win anyway.

The one who won really deserves it. She’s beautiful, young and talented. She really has a very good voice and dances gracefully. She is very friendly as well. I really admire her. I like her beauty, she’s morena, tall and charming.

Let me also thank my borther for being my official PA and photographer! HAHA.


3rd day of shoot.. ♥

On the third day of shoot, I was with MagTV host Borgie.

Borgie is really a very outgoing person and so fun to be with. It might be because he is a “band person”. He is part of the band, I just don’t know the name of the band because I’m not really into bands. Anyway, to be honest, I heard a lot of feedback about him, positive and negative, especially after I posted the photo in my facebook page. I think that’s just normal because he is a public person and whatever he does, everyone will really notice it. Some people might also misunderstood him because he is really a loud and outgoing person. Even is he is a loud, outgoing, playful and looks like a bad boy, he is a nice person and a gentleman as well.

We’ll I’m just speaking based from my experience with him. I just can’t judge him for who he is because I don’t really don’t know him that much.

Anyway, we went to Simala to feature the place and the famous 13 different colors of candles. It’s really my first time their and I’m so happy to be given the opportunity to visit the place. The place was really nice and amazing.

There are 13 different colors of candles  and each color has a meaning. For red it means love and family, green is business or money, violet for success in career, blue is promotion at work, orange for reconciliation and I forgot the others.. hehe..

Isn’t that amazing?


We also interviewed some of the devotees. Their stories are really inspiring. Makes me want to come back to the place over and over again. My experience their strengthen my faith and I really thank the staff and crew of the show for giving me the experience. ☺♥

After the shoot, we went to Carcar to eat, while we we’re buying food at the market, the people were talking about Borgie. They were able to recognize him as a TV personality. Which means that he’s really famous.
Anyway, I enjoyed the whole experience. I wish I’ll have more of this soon… ♥♥♥

2nd day of shoot. ♥

I’ve been busy this week so I was not able to write about my 2nd and 3rd day of shoot yet.

But here it is. ☺

On the 2nd day of shoot I was with MagTV host Jonathan Cimafranca.

Let me just introduce him to you first.

This photo is from google.. hehe

This is Jonathan Cimafranca, I actually knew him (but he doesn’t know me.. hehe)way back college days  He was  one of the famous student  in school. I knew him when my friend joined Ms. Cebu and 1 of the candidate was her girlfriend. During the pageant night, one of my friend noticed him and said “Who’s that guy? He looks like Paul Jake (Castillo)” and one of my friend answered, “that’s Jonathan Cimafranca, he’s the boyfriend of “too00t”. And I was like “ahhhhhhhhh, OK”

This is the only picture I have with him =(

So anyway, I was with him during the 2nd day of shoot. We went to Body and Soul for a Ventosa/Bentosa. Remember the episode is about candles? For those who don’t know what Bentosa is, its a  healing massage that uses a glass and candle.

Supposed to be, it should be me and Jonathan who should try the Bentosa, but since Bentosa will leave a mark after the massage and he still has a photo shoot the day after, he can’t. So I tried it alone. It was kinda awkward though because my entire back was exposed and I’m so conscious because my back is not fair and there are some dark spots. hehe, But I guess it turned out ok.

Bentosa is really relaxing after the whole process. My mom actually is doing it at home so I know it’s safe.

I really enjoyed the whole experience especially that I had free massage plus we were also given a Gift Certificate by the owner. I just regret that I haven’t taken more pictures, I just had 1 pic with him, but that’s ok, at least I have 1.


Goodmorning pale lipstick.. ☺


I’ve been into make up this past few months since I’ve attended several events and shoots. I’ve been watching tutorial make up also so I can learn how to apply make up in my own.

I’ve been consistent with black and brown shadows and pick lipstick. I’m actually afraid to try light color shadows like pink, blue, purple, green because I might look like a clown.

So while I was in front of my make up this morning. I thought of trying other color of shadows without looking horrible.

So I tried using the dark green and combine it with a little of black. I also used dark blush. Since the blush and eye shadow is dark, I tried the pale lips. I used concealer so I’ll look pale.

It takes a lot more practice I know, but I’ll get there soon. ☺

isn’t the black and white cute… =)