First day of shoot (Sirao) ♥

Our first day of shoot…. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….

The first time that I received the text I was really nervous because aside from it’s my first time, I don’t know what to do, I don’t know if I’ll do good, I might commit a mistake, I might be late… etc. there’s really a lot of things that’s running in my mind, plus the night before the shoot, my stomach really aches. But I never thought of not going because of my stomach ache. Thank God that the pain went away during the morning.

Call time was 8 am. Good thing I was not late, (hehe).  So we went to Sirao near Ayala Heights, I think it’s already in Balamban (not sure). It’s really far, the travel time is almost 2 hours. When we’re almost there, we passed by a bunch of flowers which really looks beautiful. When you look at them you feel like you’re not in the Philippines, they take you to another place. I mean, they’re really so beautiful. So bad I was not able to take a picture of them.
The place was actually a production of candles and the people in the production are ex convicts.

By the way, I was with Phoebe, she’s really pretty and so bubbly. She’s so nice as well. I just don’t have a lot of conversation with her because I’m a bit intimidated, of course she’s a celebrity and I was starstruck. But she’s so nice that she always start a conversation with me and asks me some questions. And all I did was answer her questions, I can’t ask her back cause it might sound that I’m so “chizzams”…

When we arrive there, we then prepared everything for the interview of the person in charge.

The person we interviewed was an X convict who was imprisoned for 4 years. Even if he was an ex prisoner, I was not afraid because I know that he’s changed and I know that we’re in good hands. I mean, not all person who were imprisoned are bad. In fact, after the interview, I was really inspired by everything he said. I can really tell that he learned a lot from his 4 years stay in prison.

So after the interview we started making the candles. They  showed us how it’s made. What I was really amazed of is how the small candles were made. W were told that they only deep it into the pail of wax multiple times and it will just be formed into small candles.

Let me also share that while we were waiting for the staff and crew, I was arranging my bag and phoebe was looking at my camera checking on the pictures that we took. I haven’t erased the pics for my lookbook looks yet and she was able to see. I was flattered because she liked some of my clothes and advised me to go into the fashion business (like selling clothes online).

After everything, we went to Gorordo in their actual store for their candles.

There were lots of kinds, shapes and colors of candles. There we’re flower shape and there’s also a banana shape… they really look so nice…

This is what I wear by the way. They asked me to wear simple outfit since the episode is about agriculture. So this is what I come up with.


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