Lights, Camera, ACTION!

This is it. I always mentioned that something happened to me which I’m very happy about. Now, I’m gonna tell you what it is.

I didn’t disclose this not until now because I was not yet allowed to tell anyone about this. But now, I think it’s ok to disclose this to you guys.

It’s really hard actually. You know that feeling that you’re very happy and you want to tell everyone about what happened but you just can’t because if you do, you might lose it.

Anyway, I actually auditioned to become a guest host in one of the local show in Cebu. The day that I auditioned, no one really knows that I will, not even my closest friends or my parents. And like any other auditions, I was expecting that after everything, they will just tell you “Thanks, we’ll just text you for the update”, but no, I was really shocked because after everything, they then told me that I was one of the people that they choose to be one of their guest host. It really takes a couple of minutes after it sinks in my mind because I did not really expect it to happen. The regular hosts then congratulate me and told me that I shouldn’t tell anyone about this yet, because if I did, it’s subject to disqualification. Which of course I don’t want to happen.

And now the time has come. HAHAHAH. I waited for months for this and I’m so happy that we finally finished it and it already aired on TV.

When my friends knew it, they we’re really very excited and it seems that they’re more excited than me.
Some of my office mates knew it in the long run also, especially when we already started shooting. When they knew about this, they told some of our office mates which becomes the reason why the news was spread all over the floor.

When many people already knew about it, I was flattered with their reaction at the same time pressured because they seem to expect a lot from me.

When the show started airing, my friends  texted me and informed me that they’re watching. After the show, I received some text messages congratulating me for it.  I was really happy because they appreciate it even if it’s really not that “big time” break.

I really thank all the staff and crew of the show for giving me such opportunity and experience. It’s really a wish granted.

In my next posts I’m gonna tell you the story on our every shoot with the regular host. So just watch out for it. =)

The whole experience was like…………..

I wish I can get a copy of that episode… hmmmm..

I’ll try, and if I can, I will share it with you guys.. =)


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