So what if I’m bored… =)

I’m inspired to post in my blog now a days. Not because of someone or something. It’s just because I feel that I miss a lot of things last week. And I’m happy also that I already have time to do this. I’m still busy though but I’m working on time management lately.

Anyway, I just thought of a lot of things lately because I’m just at home during my rest days.

This is the result of being at home for 2 days. =)

I’m proud to say that I made the purple top that I’m wearing. I’m happy that I’m now improving in terms of my creations, and now what I’m working on are my concepts and styles.

I was actually inspired to make this because I loved the top that my officemate wears and it really looks like this. I did not find any at the mall, so what I did is I buy a cloth and then just make one.

here are the other pics.. =)



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