After all the busy sched. BACK TO REALITY.

I’ve been very busy this week that I was not able to update my blog already. =(

But don’t worry, I have everything filed up by next week.

I just went through an important event in my life. HAHA. Not that important maybe for some, But it is for me. It’s a wish come through and I hope that it would be the start of everything.

You’ll soon know what it is because for sure I’m gonna share that great experience with you guys.

Now, I’m done with it, I’m back to reality again. Office works, house chores, and one thing that I love doing BLOGGING!… =)

This is the outfit I wore at the office today. My office mates love the top. It’s a cheetah print top. Isn’t it so jungle like? hahah. The skirt was like wild flowers and the top is a cheetah print. hehe

But I did not wear the pumps inside the office, because if I did, my legs will die. hahah. I mean,  can u just imagine me floor walking and standing 98% of my shift or about 7 hours a day with that shoes? NO WAY. hahaha.

Isn’t it sad that I can’t wear my heels anymore? I mean, I can still wear them but not during work. Actually, I still can wear them during work, IF I DARE, but I can’t. We’ll that’s ok, I can reserve them for special occasions and events. I was even planning to buy a new one, but I’ll just buy a new one maybe early December for our Christmas party.


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