The Acrobats the 2nd time around

My brother was required to watch a show in Cebu Coliseum. It serves as their final exam for their swimming class.

It was an acrobatic show. It was so sweet of him to buy 2 tickets so we can watch it together.

So we went to the place by around 9am and the line was already very long.

The show started with a performance of school’s Arnis club.

When the performer already came out, we we’re very surprised because we’ve seen them perform already. That was, if I remember correctly, it was last year. We watch their show together with my 2 brothers.

There were clown acrobat also, and they were very funny.

It was fun and they were good performers. However, in the middle of the show, I felt hunger so we just went out, we did not finish the show and we ate.

We we’re with my brother’s friends also. As much as I would like him to take a picture of me, I can’t because the friends was there and they were busy chit chatting with each other.

And this is what happened when I saw the big mirror. HAHAHAH….

This is what I wore by the way…. It’s so comfy..


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