Ambush shoot!!!

I went home from work, so tired and sleepy but when I arrived home, a close family friend ours visited the house.

I was just upstairs busy with my phone (which is so unusual) and he just approached me and said ” hey! common, lets take a pic of you and put it on Facebook, (He did not know that I have my blog and I’d rather have all pictures posted here)”..

The vain me was so tired and not in the mood for a photo shoot just look at the camera, smiled and do the wacky post.

I mean, I was really so sleepy that time since I went to my friends apartment with my workmates before I went home.

see? I’m really busy with my phone. OMG! game over! haha.. just playing games…

Let me just say this.. ☺☺☺☺

If you want to be someone, you’ve got to do something and not just wait for something to happen. keep in mind that you can’t go at the top of the stair if you just keep on looking at it, you have to take the step.


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