First day of shoot (Sirao) ♥

Our first day of shoot…. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….

The first time that I received the text I was really nervous because aside from it’s my first time, I don’t know what to do, I don’t know if I’ll do good, I might commit a mistake, I might be late… etc. there’s really a lot of things that’s running in my mind, plus the night before the shoot, my stomach really aches. But I never thought of not going because of my stomach ache. Thank God that the pain went away during the morning.

Call time was 8 am. Good thing I was not late, (hehe).  So we went to Sirao near Ayala Heights, I think it’s already in Balamban (not sure). It’s really far, the travel time is almost 2 hours. When we’re almost there, we passed by a bunch of flowers which really looks beautiful. When you look at them you feel like you’re not in the Philippines, they take you to another place. I mean, they’re really so beautiful. So bad I was not able to take a picture of them.
The place was actually a production of candles and the people in the production are ex convicts.

By the way, I was with Phoebe, she’s really pretty and so bubbly. She’s so nice as well. I just don’t have a lot of conversation with her because I’m a bit intimidated, of course she’s a celebrity and I was starstruck. But she’s so nice that she always start a conversation with me and asks me some questions. And all I did was answer her questions, I can’t ask her back cause it might sound that I’m so “chizzams”…

When we arrive there, we then prepared everything for the interview of the person in charge.

The person we interviewed was an X convict who was imprisoned for 4 years. Even if he was an ex prisoner, I was not afraid because I know that he’s changed and I know that we’re in good hands. I mean, not all person who were imprisoned are bad. In fact, after the interview, I was really inspired by everything he said. I can really tell that he learned a lot from his 4 years stay in prison.

So after the interview we started making the candles. They  showed us how it’s made. What I was really amazed of is how the small candles were made. W were told that they only deep it into the pail of wax multiple times and it will just be formed into small candles.

Let me also share that while we were waiting for the staff and crew, I was arranging my bag and phoebe was looking at my camera checking on the pictures that we took. I haven’t erased the pics for my lookbook looks yet and she was able to see. I was flattered because she liked some of my clothes and advised me to go into the fashion business (like selling clothes online).

After everything, we went to Gorordo in their actual store for their candles.

There were lots of kinds, shapes and colors of candles. There we’re flower shape and there’s also a banana shape… they really look so nice…

This is what I wear by the way. They asked me to wear simple outfit since the episode is about agriculture. So this is what I come up with.


Lights, Camera, ACTION!

This is it. I always mentioned that something happened to me which I’m very happy about. Now, I’m gonna tell you what it is.

I didn’t disclose this not until now because I was not yet allowed to tell anyone about this. But now, I think it’s ok to disclose this to you guys.

It’s really hard actually. You know that feeling that you’re very happy and you want to tell everyone about what happened but you just can’t because if you do, you might lose it.

Anyway, I actually auditioned to become a guest host in one of the local show in Cebu. The day that I auditioned, no one really knows that I will, not even my closest friends or my parents. And like any other auditions, I was expecting that after everything, they will just tell you “Thanks, we’ll just text you for the update”, but no, I was really shocked because after everything, they then told me that I was one of the people that they choose to be one of their guest host. It really takes a couple of minutes after it sinks in my mind because I did not really expect it to happen. The regular hosts then congratulate me and told me that I shouldn’t tell anyone about this yet, because if I did, it’s subject to disqualification. Which of course I don’t want to happen.

And now the time has come. HAHAHAH. I waited for months for this and I’m so happy that we finally finished it and it already aired on TV.

When my friends knew it, they we’re really very excited and it seems that they’re more excited than me.
Some of my office mates knew it in the long run also, especially when we already started shooting. When they knew about this, they told some of our office mates which becomes the reason why the news was spread all over the floor.

When many people already knew about it, I was flattered with their reaction at the same time pressured because they seem to expect a lot from me.

When the show started airing, my friends  texted me and informed me that they’re watching. After the show, I received some text messages congratulating me for it.  I was really happy because they appreciate it even if it’s really not that “big time” break.

I really thank all the staff and crew of the show for giving me such opportunity and experience. It’s really a wish granted.

In my next posts I’m gonna tell you the story on our every shoot with the regular host. So just watch out for it. =)

The whole experience was like…………..

I wish I can get a copy of that episode… hmmmm..

I’ll try, and if I can, I will share it with you guys.. =)

So what if I’m bored… =)

I’m inspired to post in my blog now a days. Not because of someone or something. It’s just because I feel that I miss a lot of things last week. And I’m happy also that I already have time to do this. I’m still busy though but I’m working on time management lately.

Anyway, I just thought of a lot of things lately because I’m just at home during my rest days.

This is the result of being at home for 2 days. =)

I’m proud to say that I made the purple top that I’m wearing. I’m happy that I’m now improving in terms of my creations, and now what I’m working on are my concepts and styles.

I was actually inspired to make this because I loved the top that my officemate wears and it really looks like this. I did not find any at the mall, so what I did is I buy a cloth and then just make one.

here are the other pics.. =)


After all the busy sched. BACK TO REALITY.

I’ve been very busy this week that I was not able to update my blog already. =(

But don’t worry, I have everything filed up by next week.

I just went through an important event in my life. HAHA. Not that important maybe for some, But it is for me. It’s a wish come through and I hope that it would be the start of everything.

You’ll soon know what it is because for sure I’m gonna share that great experience with you guys.

Now, I’m done with it, I’m back to reality again. Office works, house chores, and one thing that I love doing BLOGGING!… =)

This is the outfit I wore at the office today. My office mates love the top. It’s a cheetah print top. Isn’t it so jungle like? hahah. The skirt was like wild flowers and the top is a cheetah print. hehe

But I did not wear the pumps inside the office, because if I did, my legs will die. hahah. I mean,  can u just imagine me floor walking and standing 98% of my shift or about 7 hours a day with that shoes? NO WAY. hahaha.

Isn’t it sad that I can’t wear my heels anymore? I mean, I can still wear them but not during work. Actually, I still can wear them during work, IF I DARE, but I can’t. We’ll that’s ok, I can reserve them for special occasions and events. I was even planning to buy a new one, but I’ll just buy a new one maybe early December for our Christmas party.

That’s what we are (GIRLS)

Boys always complain about girls being so indecisive. We want this now, but after a couple of minutes we don’t want it anymore. We say this, but we take it back after days.

I mean, that’s what we are. You can’t change it. You just have to understand that.

And, there are just days that I want to look nerdy yet sexy… (hehe)

I remember when I was talking to my friend and I told him that I want to change my hairstyle because it’s already boring, or maybe I’ll just have it rebonded. He reacted and said ” Can you girls make up your mind?, today you like this, tomorrow you don’t. You say this, and you’ll say something opposite after.  Are you really like that?”

And I just laughed after he said that. I mean, yah, we’re like that, we’re indecisive, we’re complicated, but isn’t that the most interesting part of being a girl?


It’s the lace ☺

This is another top that was given to me by my mom. The details of the top is the one that I really love. It’s unique and I just love it.  It just proves  that my mom really has a nice taste on clothes.

It’s big though, but that’s one thing I like about the top. I really love big big tops because I don’t look so thin and and petite. If I actually wear tight tops, I look so thin specially because I have small hips.

But I’m not saying that if you’re petite you have to wear big tops. You just have to wear something that you’re comfortable wearing, because that’s where confidence came in. I always say this. It’s not what you wear, its how you wear it. So even if you’re just wearing cheap clothes, you can make it look like it’s expensive.




I’mma cow girl ☺☺☺


I had this top for over a year already and this is my first time wearing it. I find this top weird before, I was not able to appreciate its uniqueness. I was my mom who gave it to me and she’s always asking me why I’m not wearing the top that she gave me. I don’t wanna make her feel bad, so I just told her, I’ll wear it soon. So, yah, I really did!

That’s why they said, always keep everything you have, time will come that you’re going to use it. Especially those clothes that’s not in trend anymore. You just have to keep them because fashion evolves. So time will come that you will still be able to use it again.Here’s a more detailed pic of the top. Isn’t it nice?


New position, more responsibility, much more busy

I’ve been very busy this week since I got the position that I applied for. I mean, I did not get it yet since I’m still being trained for the position.

Well at least I have the possibility to get the position, and that itself is already an achievement for me.

Anyway, since I stay in the office almost 12 hours a day, I almost don’t have time to update my blog.

But I would really set a side a little of my time to update my blog because this is one way for me to relieve my stress.

I would really want to update my blog everyday, if only I have time to do that, I really will. But I still have a lot of things to do. Well, it’s just a matter of time management, I know, and that’s something that I still need to work on. I also make sure that I get the sleep that I needed everyday since my work demands me to floor walk 98% of my shift. Isn’t that tiring? yes it is! but is more fun than tiring. If you really like what you’re doing, no matter how hard it is, you will really survive.

The Acrobats the 2nd time around

My brother was required to watch a show in Cebu Coliseum. It serves as their final exam for their swimming class.

It was an acrobatic show. It was so sweet of him to buy 2 tickets so we can watch it together.

So we went to the place by around 9am and the line was already very long.

The show started with a performance of school’s Arnis club.

When the performer already came out, we we’re very surprised because we’ve seen them perform already. That was, if I remember correctly, it was last year. We watch their show together with my 2 brothers.

There were clown acrobat also, and they were very funny.

It was fun and they were good performers. However, in the middle of the show, I felt hunger so we just went out, we did not finish the show and we ate.

We we’re with my brother’s friends also. As much as I would like him to take a picture of me, I can’t because the friends was there and they were busy chit chatting with each other.

And this is what happened when I saw the big mirror. HAHAHAH….

This is what I wore by the way…. It’s so comfy..

Ambush shoot!!!

I went home from work, so tired and sleepy but when I arrived home, a close family friend ours visited the house.

I was just upstairs busy with my phone (which is so unusual) and he just approached me and said ” hey! common, lets take a pic of you and put it on Facebook, (He did not know that I have my blog and I’d rather have all pictures posted here)”..

The vain me was so tired and not in the mood for a photo shoot just look at the camera, smiled and do the wacky post.

I mean, I was really so sleepy that time since I went to my friends apartment with my workmates before I went home.

see? I’m really busy with my phone. OMG! game over! haha.. just playing games…

Let me just say this.. ☺☺☺☺

If you want to be someone, you’ve got to do something and not just wait for something to happen. keep in mind that you can’t go at the top of the stair if you just keep on looking at it, you have to take the step.