They just miss me. =)

It’s been a while now since we had dinner with my friends.

And since one of our friend just went back from her training in Manila, we decided to have dinner together.

Shin was with her boyfriend Jasper and Josef (My workmate and a very close friend of eliza) was with us also.

Our meeting time was 6pm, and as useless, I arrived late, heheh,  they went to Moon café first so we can get a table and I just let them order  for me.

When I arrive, they already started eating.

See these pictures? this is what happen when we have  camera with us. Good thing the boys are there to take our pictures.. hehehe.

We’re not vain (defensive?)… we just miss each other. =)

Anyway, since the taking of pictures seems unstoppable just as we are, I was not able to finish my food.

This is my friend Shin.. we are the most vain in the group.. ahaha… and we also have the same neuroticism..

We are all close, just so happen that we have a lot of the same frustrations.

After we eat, we went inside the mall, then me Josef and Eliza went out with my team mates..

Where? that’s something that I can’t disclose to you guys…  maybe not yet… hhehe


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