Behind the scene.

I was invited for a photo shoot by 2 of my office mates together with their friend.

It was really flattering to be invited by them because I know that they are great photographers. I’ve seen some of their work and it’s really nice.

A good picture doesn’t need to be explained for the viewers to know the story behind it. A good picture will speak for itself, And that’s what their pictures are.

While they we’re setting up the lights, flashes and all that stuff, I took my time to take a picture so I can have it posted her. =)

They we’re testing the flashes and the settings of the camera.

Maria “kai” Bulabos 1 of the chic photographer. =)

While Kai had her moment, I borrowed her cam for a while.

And when we finally started…..

This pic was actually the second part of the shoot already.

Playing with the cam on our way home at JJ’s car..

I just had sooooo much fun and I really enjoyed the experience.

I hope I’ll be given a chance to work with these people again, and again, and again. =)

I just want to be like them. SOON…..


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