It’s been a long day after all

My friend has just arrived from her 3 months training in manila. So, we decided to see each other after her work. Good thing it’s also my day off.

We really have a lot of things to talk about. I mean a LOT.

We’re supposed to meet up by 6, but as expected she arrived late (I’m used to it anyway. heheh). If I was not with our other friend, probably I was also late.

She changed. I mean she’s a lot thinner now and I’m so happy about that. I mean, I know she really wanted to be as thin as me before, although she wasn’t really that big, but I think it’s almost all girls frustration to be thin so they can wear all the clothes they wanted. Anyway, I’m so happy for her because she has learned self-discipline, and, at last serious about her diet already.

I support her for that because I know that this is something that she’s happy about.

Anyway, since she was late, shall I say, an hour late, she treated me for dinner.

She treated me pasta. Pasta is really my addiction this past few months. I eat pasta, specifically carbonara/alfredo almost every twice a week.

My friend told me that pasta is the food of the lonely… Really?….

We’ll, I don’t think so… But is it?…. I’m bothered (am I?).. I don’t know..

I Told her that we will go on dress up but I was in the mood to dress up that day so she was the only one who’s dressed up. She has no choice anyway because she has to because of the nature of her work.

I was in my “nerd me” look.

I Large t-shirt and a short shorts with the nerdy glasses.

1 rule of fashion: you should have at least 1 grandfathers polo and a Boyfriends t-shirt.

In my case, since I don’t have a boyfriend, I have my brother’s t-shirt.. heheh

So we went home by 8, and when we’re about to go home, my TL (Team Leader) called me and asked me if I can report to the office before 12 for the interview of the position that I applied for.

I was in doubt because I can still have it tomorrow, but then, why tomorrow when I have today.

So I went home, changed my clothes and report to the office for the interview.

The interview was so nerve racking and I was still shaking after the interview. I just hope I’ll be accepted. =)

More career opportunities. Thank you lord.


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