1 day around CEBU ♥

With this picture alone, Cebuanos (people living in Cebu, Philippines )  can really tell where this place is.

This is the famous Basilica Minore del Sto. Niño.

I always make it a point to visit this place at least twice a week.  To pray and to thank HIM for all the blessings.

He never fails to answer my prayers.

I went there alone, well, most of the time I do.  I sometime prefer to just travel alone because there’s no hassle and there’s nothing and no one to think about. Especially when I have to go to a many places and I only have less time.

When I’m alone I can ponder to a lot of things and I can easily appreciate the things around me.

Just like the balloons in the picture. It’s really my dream to have a picture of myself holding balloons of different colors. I just can’t dare to borrow the balloons from the vendor because I might accidentally let it go from my hands. Well, that’s perfectly OK as long as I pay for it.

If it’s not Sunday, or even if it is, people who go to this place will always pass by and light some candles.

This is the ancestors belief so the prayers will reach heaven and be heard.

True or not, well, there’s nothing wrong in believing anyway.

I’ve visited this place for years now, call me LOSER but I just discovered this part of Basilica. I really did not notice it before.

I don’t know if it’s new or it’s been there ever since.

Every after I visit that place, I always take time to go to the nearby stores or stores in Colon because they have a lot of cheap stuff especially accessories.

There’s this store near USJR (University of San José Recoletos) that sells accessories that are really cheap. Some accessories can be seen at the malls for300-500 php but their price there ranges from 100-300 for necklace, bangles are for 50-100 php and there are rings for 20-40 php.
It’s really very overwhelming.

If you’ll ask me how to go to that place. I really can’t answer you. Because I just roam around the place and my feet just takes me there.

Next time I’ll visit the place I will already make a sketch. =)


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