They just miss me. =)

It’s been a while now since we had dinner with my friends.

And since one of our friend just went back from her training in Manila, we decided to have dinner together.

Shin was with her boyfriend Jasper and Josef (My workmate and a very close friend of eliza) was with us also.

Our meeting time was 6pm, and as useless, I arrived late, heheh,  they went to Moon café first so we can get a table and I just let them order  for me.

When I arrive, they already started eating.

See these pictures? this is what happen when we have  camera with us. Good thing the boys are there to take our pictures.. hehehe.

We’re not vain (defensive?)… we just miss each other. =)

Anyway, since the taking of pictures seems unstoppable just as we are, I was not able to finish my food.

This is my friend Shin.. we are the most vain in the group.. ahaha… and we also have the same neuroticism..

We are all close, just so happen that we have a lot of the same frustrations.

After we eat, we went inside the mall, then me Josef and Eliza went out with my team mates..

Where? that’s something that I can’t disclose to you guys…  maybe not yet… hhehe


choose to feel confident and adequate rather than angry and insecure (Part 1)

Let me show you some of the pictures of the pictorial I was talking about in my previous post.

I remember, when I was going over our shared documents in the office, I saw an article posted and the contents we’re really nice. I mean, there’s really nothing on the article that doesn’t make sense.

The article was entitled 10 timeless life lessons.

The article states:

“Experience is the best teacher. Don’t try too hard to memorize the things others are teaching. Learn the best practices and then do your thing. Life itself will teach you over the course of time, and often at the right time and place, so that you will remember forever what is truly important.”

“Your choices, your actions, your life. Live it your way with no regrets. Never let the odds keep you from doing what you know in your heart you were meant to do. Continue to work hard at what you love no matter what the challenges are. Be persistent. Life eventually rewards those who do.”

This is my favorite from all the 10 timeless life lessons:

You will never realize your true strength until being strong is your only option left. Until you are broken, you won’t know what you’re truly made of. Pain doesn’t just show up in your life for no reason. It’s a sign that something needs to change – it’s a wake-up call that guides you toward a better future. So keep your heart open to dreams, and make that change. For as long as there is a dream and positive action, there is hope; and as long as there is hope, there is joy in living.

Oh!… by the way, I forgot to tell you guys that this is actually the second part of the shoot.

I’ll show you the first part of the shoot next time.. I actually don’t have the copy of the pics yet. I still have to get it from 1 of the photographers (Mark Gimena)..

But let me give you a Teaser ☺

This was actually just a test shot, one of the flash was placed at the back. But it turns out to be a nice shot… Isn’t it? ☺

more. more.more. ♥ ♥ ♥

Behind the scene.

I was invited for a photo shoot by 2 of my office mates together with their friend.

It was really flattering to be invited by them because I know that they are great photographers. I’ve seen some of their work and it’s really nice.

A good picture doesn’t need to be explained for the viewers to know the story behind it. A good picture will speak for itself, And that’s what their pictures are.

While they we’re setting up the lights, flashes and all that stuff, I took my time to take a picture so I can have it posted her. =)

They we’re testing the flashes and the settings of the camera.

Maria “kai” Bulabos 1 of the chic photographer. =)

While Kai had her moment, I borrowed her cam for a while.

And when we finally started…..

This pic was actually the second part of the shoot already.

Playing with the cam on our way home at JJ’s car..

I just had sooooo much fun and I really enjoyed the experience.

I hope I’ll be given a chance to work with these people again, and again, and again. =)

I just want to be like them. SOON…..

It’s been a long day after all

My friend has just arrived from her 3 months training in manila. So, we decided to see each other after her work. Good thing it’s also my day off.

We really have a lot of things to talk about. I mean a LOT.

We’re supposed to meet up by 6, but as expected she arrived late (I’m used to it anyway. heheh). If I was not with our other friend, probably I was also late.

She changed. I mean she’s a lot thinner now and I’m so happy about that. I mean, I know she really wanted to be as thin as me before, although she wasn’t really that big, but I think it’s almost all girls frustration to be thin so they can wear all the clothes they wanted. Anyway, I’m so happy for her because she has learned self-discipline, and, at last serious about her diet already.

I support her for that because I know that this is something that she’s happy about.

Anyway, since she was late, shall I say, an hour late, she treated me for dinner.

She treated me pasta. Pasta is really my addiction this past few months. I eat pasta, specifically carbonara/alfredo almost every twice a week.

My friend told me that pasta is the food of the lonely… Really?….

We’ll, I don’t think so… But is it?…. I’m bothered (am I?).. I don’t know..

I Told her that we will go on dress up but I was in the mood to dress up that day so she was the only one who’s dressed up. She has no choice anyway because she has to because of the nature of her work.

I was in my “nerd me” look.

I Large t-shirt and a short shorts with the nerdy glasses.

1 rule of fashion: you should have at least 1 grandfathers polo and a Boyfriends t-shirt.

In my case, since I don’t have a boyfriend, I have my brother’s t-shirt.. heheh

So we went home by 8, and when we’re about to go home, my TL (Team Leader) called me and asked me if I can report to the office before 12 for the interview of the position that I applied for.

I was in doubt because I can still have it tomorrow, but then, why tomorrow when I have today.

So I went home, changed my clothes and report to the office for the interview.

The interview was so nerve racking and I was still shaking after the interview. I just hope I’ll be accepted. =)

More career opportunities. Thank you lord.

Accessorize me =)

Here are the accessories I’ve bought from my “Cebu Tour”..

I tell you guys. These accessories are very cheap. They might be cheaper that you thought they were. =)

1 of the rules of fashion:
Store some cheap things once in a while, but wear them elegantly. =)

Plus this sun glasses are so cheap. They’re not original, of course. But who cares?

That’s why it’s more fun in the Philippines, especially CEBU =)

It’s all about skin ☺

For years I’ve been looking for the perfect foundation to use. It’s really very hard for me since I have an oily and sensitive skin. I tried several liquid foundation, cakes and BB creams before but still it did not work. It would still make my face oily.

I looked for any products online and I saw this product (Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation). I read the reviews and the reviews were good so I tried to use it.

It’s really great. It’s perfect for oily skin and it really stays for 24 hours. Even if you sweat a lot, it won’t make your skin oily.

But Before I wear the foundation, I apply this moisturizer first.

I really like this also because it won’t make my skin oily.
It’s water based plus it has SPF.

you guys might wanna try it also. Especially those who has oily skin like me. =)

1 day around CEBU ♥

With this picture alone, Cebuanos (people living in Cebu, Philippines )  can really tell where this place is.

This is the famous Basilica Minore del Sto. Niño.

I always make it a point to visit this place at least twice a week.  To pray and to thank HIM for all the blessings.

He never fails to answer my prayers.

I went there alone, well, most of the time I do.  I sometime prefer to just travel alone because there’s no hassle and there’s nothing and no one to think about. Especially when I have to go to a many places and I only have less time.

When I’m alone I can ponder to a lot of things and I can easily appreciate the things around me.

Just like the balloons in the picture. It’s really my dream to have a picture of myself holding balloons of different colors. I just can’t dare to borrow the balloons from the vendor because I might accidentally let it go from my hands. Well, that’s perfectly OK as long as I pay for it.

If it’s not Sunday, or even if it is, people who go to this place will always pass by and light some candles.

This is the ancestors belief so the prayers will reach heaven and be heard.

True or not, well, there’s nothing wrong in believing anyway.

I’ve visited this place for years now, call me LOSER but I just discovered this part of Basilica. I really did not notice it before.

I don’t know if it’s new or it’s been there ever since.

Every after I visit that place, I always take time to go to the nearby stores or stores in Colon because they have a lot of cheap stuff especially accessories.

There’s this store near USJR (University of San José Recoletos) that sells accessories that are really cheap. Some accessories can be seen at the malls for300-500 php but their price there ranges from 100-300 for necklace, bangles are for 50-100 php and there are rings for 20-40 php.
It’s really very overwhelming.

If you’ll ask me how to go to that place. I really can’t answer you. Because I just roam around the place and my feet just takes me there.

Next time I’ll visit the place I will already make a sketch. =)

Is this goodbye skirt???

As much as I would like to wear those short skirts on the office, I’m not able to wear them anymore because they’re very strict with the dress code policy.

I really love to wear short skirts and dresses because they lengthen my legs. I’m a petite person so I need to wear something that makes me look tall. That’s 1 reason also why I keep on wearing high heels.

Now, I think that I have to buy more skinny jeans , leggings and  slacks this time. I just have to accentuate the look with accessories.

I can still use my short skirts and dress though but I have to wear leggings or stockings which doesn’t really look good on some of them.

The start of something new =)

Finally, I already finished the tops that I always wanted to make.

I’m selling them from 200-300 php… It’s really very cheap if you come to think of it. But since this is my first, I’m giving you guys the the chance to have them.
Hope you like it.. =)

first look =)front is natural color and the back is green and is see through.. =)

front part is not see through

2nd look =)

see through back and front =)

3rd look =)

the beige part is not see through only the green part and back part..

4th look

Thanks! and I’m open for any comments and suggestions. =)