One step at a time =)

I think I really need some time for myself especially now that I really worked so hard.

It’s months already that I haven’t had any absent or late in my work and for me,  it’s really an achievement.

Anyway, I don’t wanna talk too much about work. I really love to travel with few friends especially my college friends but I just can’t this time because I’m still waiting for the text confirmation of something that I auditioned for. It would probably be this month (hopefully).

I’m happy than even there are things that I did not acheive (not yet) as of the moment. There are a lot of things that help me on my way to the things that I really love doing.

Although I have a lot of problems to think about, I still don’t forget to pursue and do things that I really love doing like photography and fashion.

I even planned to buy cloth so I could learn how to sew clothes since we have a sewing machine at home.

I actually tried making tops and blouses before, some were successfull and some we’re not. But this time I want to be good at it so I can design my own clothes and in the near future maybe put up a boutique. I’ll be the owner and at the same time the model of my own peice.

I’m really looking forward to those dreams because I know and I beleive that soon I would make them come true. I’m just 20 and I know by the age of 22, some of those dreams would turn into reality. In God’s time and in God’s will. =)

I never even thought that I’m gonna go this far, I mean, in terms of self improvement, I know I improve a lot. The improvement within me and in me actually is one of the factors that gives me the confidence to pursue what I really wanted to do.

Just keep dreaming and believe that you can make things happen. Because if you do beleive everything that you dreamt of will turn into reality. JUst add hard work, perseverance and patience. As they say, there is no such thing as unsuccessful just delayed success.


happy anniversary TARGET

Time runs so fast.
It seems that it was just last month that we first had our first call.

Who would ever forget the Migrated orders, Missoni, black Friday and cyber sale. It was the busiest times on the prod floor.

No one would ever forget the first day of production. It was so qeueing and we’re not yet very familiar with the process. We don’t know what to do, what to press and how to assist. Almost all the guest we’re really irate and we don’t know how to handle them. They’re complaining about everything. And since we don’t know the process yet, every time they rant, we answer them with voice shaking and stuttering. The Guest would always think that we don’t know what to do and almost every call is a supervisory call.

It’s been 1 year that we’re assisting Target guests and we’re already used to the processes. It’s really overwhelming to think that I reach this far. I never thought that I will because in the first place I never dreamt to work in a contact center company.

But anyway, even if I have to give up some things because of this, I’m still happy because I was able to fulfill some of my dreams and it opens a lot of opportunity for me in the fields that I wanted.

The anniversary party was great and everyone on the floor sure did enjoy it. Most of us were not able to concentrate with the call because of the games. But that’s ok, it’s just for 1 day. I’m sure they’ll understand.

Most of the people think that being a call center agent is so stressful that’s why many of the people don’t want to work in a contact center company also.

I say it depends, you’re the one who create your own happiness. To be happy, you just have to get want you want and want what you get.

In other words be contented with what you have but still strive to get what you want.

Sweet little cup cakes.

I went out with my friend because it’s my day off and he doesn’t have a class.

We both are so broke and we’re just looking for something fun to do without spending money.

We went to the mall first because the Make Your Own Havaianas already started and one of our friend is part of the staff. So, we visited  our friend their, and we really envy her because if your part of MYOH, first you’ve got to earn 500 per day, 1 pair of flip-flop, plus you’re free lunch and dinner at Bigbys. But the experience of being part of MYOH can’t be paid with money. That’s really something that you’ll bring for the rest of your life.

The first days of MYOH is for VIPS and they’ll have a chance to meet the elites in Cebu. I saw some medias there, and some local celebrities. I really swear that I’m gonna join next year.

Anyway, after few walks at the mall we decided to go to some place that we can chill. There’s this cup cake that he’s really bragging about because according to him, it’s really a cup cake like no other. He even describes it as a cup cake that would stop your world. I was really curious about that cup cake. SO, we decided to go there and try the cupcake.

The place was just small, but it was nice and peaceful. We tried one of the cupcake. It really tastes good.

It’s kinda expensive but it’s really worth it.  I’m really not into cup cakes but I swear that it’s really something that I’m gonna crave for.

I even want to learn how to bake cup cakes because of that.

So even if we don’t have money that time. We just enjoyed what we have. Good thing also is I brought my camera, so we enjoyed taking pictures. Especially that both of us are really vain (but he is really more vain).

This is really something that I could recommend to my friends. I would also go back to that place and try their other cupcakes.

I just forgot the name of the place, but I know how to get there. It’s near Ayala center Cebu.  If you know where it is, you have to go there and try their cupcakes. The name of the place is SWEET LITTLE THINGS  ♥♥♥..