Where are my accessories?

This is a simple night out outfit. It actually lacks a lot of things.

You can make this outfit into an elegant, formal party out fit by adding accessories in it. you can wear black and white bangles or a silver bangles as long as you match it with your earrings.

If you wear big necklace, don’t wear long/ big earrings. It will look terrible.

Do not over accessorize. Accessories can transform your outfit, yes, but just be careful on how your wear them. They might make you look fabulous or the opposite.

I remember last night, I was watching TV and I saw this TV show entitle follow the star. The featured star was Chynna Ortaleza and she revealed that she also buy preloved items which I was really shocked. First of all she is a star and she can afford to buy all the things that she wanted even if there expensive.

But her point is in “ukay-ukay” (Term we call for stores who sell preloved items) you’ll see stylish and unique clothes which are cheap and you won’t find it easily in any other store.

And I really agree with her. That’s why I also do “Ukay” because I’ll find a lot of stylish and unique clothes there.

There’s just one thing that I really invest my money on, and that is shoes. I would rather buy expensive nice shoes that buy those cheap nice ones.

Anyway, the dress is also an ordinary dress that you’ll see in the malls or even in cheap places. But it only depends on you on how you wear it.

As I said before. It’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it.

It not how expensive the clothes that you’re wearing are. It’s how confident you are in wearing them.



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