Backless frustrations.

I’m really fond of reading blogs and browsing the site lookbook and 1 of the person that I really follow is Kryz uy. I really love her outfits especially her backless dresses. That’s where my backless frustration started.

I honestly have a lot of top that was wasted because of it. I cut the back to make it into a stylish/backless top but I always fail. But, it’s OK as they say “charge it to experience”.

When I was at the mall with my friend I saw this girl with the backless shirt. It was so simple yet it was eye catching. When I was looking at what she’s wearing, I remembered the shirt that I have. It was somewhat the same as the her top except that it’s not backless.

So what I did when I arrived home, I then looked for that top and cut the back to make it like the top that was worn by the girl at the mall. And I was so happy because I achieved what I want.

I’m looking forward to more backless top, which also means more wasted shirts. =)



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