Breaking the summer stereotype.



It was summer and everybody feels like wearing swim wears, shorts, flip flops and shades. But this time it’s different.

It was our company’s 10th year anniversary and it was held at the beach. Everyone was so excited to come since it’s summer and the venue perfectly fits with season.

However, every party has a dress code/ theme. The dress code is: everyone is allowed to wear anything EXCEPT for SHORTS, FLIP FLOPS, BOARD SHORTS etc. (usual beach outfits). I know it’s weird. But the CEO likes the party to be like the formal american beach party.


So when I heard about it, I was kinda disappointed. Even if I don’t want to go to the party, I have to because we will be performing to represent our account. In other words, I have no choice.

Instead of thinking of excuses and making ways so I won’t be able to go to the party, I just thought of the outfit that I’m gonna wear that day. I honestly I’m tight with the budget, but I still want it to be not like the others.


While I’m browsing through lookbook, I saw this picture of a blogger wearing a mullet skirt. So I thought why not wear a mullet skirt with a backless top.

I know I can easily accomplish the mullet skirt but the backless top is really hard to accomplish. I actually got the idea of a backless top from my favorite fashion blogger Kryz Uy. She has a lot of pictures on lookbook where she was wearing a fashionable backless top.

Anyway, I told my mom about the outfit that I planned to wear at the party. She was so supportive and she even volunteered to buy the skirt. So my only problem is the top.

I went to cheap places to look for a top. I didn’t go to the malls right away cause I might see a better top at the “tiange” and is less expensive. But then I wasn’t able to see any. I just saw a beautiful summer hat which I bought for $100.

So I went to the mall after, I went to boutiques since some of them are on sale. One boutique hangs their sale clothes outside. So I saw this beautiful top which is net styled on the upper part and its backless.

When I saw it I thought that it was really the perfect top that I was looking for. So I purchased it immediately. I purchase the top for just $150.

It was really great. And I just purchased some accessories so it won’t look boring.




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