A day after work ♥


I just can’t get over from the GOOD news that I got a week ago.

Anyway, this was taken days after I heard the good news (I just wish I can disclose what the good news was about, anyway you’ll all know that soon). So I was from work, since I’m graveyard shift, I arrived home at noon. Usually I would feel sleepy when I arrived home, but that time I did not. So I thought of having a photo shoot BY MYSELF (I know it sounds weird). It was kinda hard, but since I really liked to, I was able to accomplish it.

Anyway, the outfit was what I wore that shift, in other words, i haven’t changed my clothes yet.

The top was one of my favorite plain top since it looks good with either skirt, shorts or pants. Plus I also love V neck top.

The skirt was before a long pleated skirt. But it since I don’t really wear long skirt because it makes me look short. I cut the skirt, no, I mean I let my mom cut and repair it =).

If you noticed from my previous posts, I really love wearing short skirts, that’s because it creates an illusion and makes me look tall (that’s really one of my frustrations).

The belt was amazing also, I so love it and was overwhelmed by the price. I purchased it at the mall for only P50. Can you believe that? and wait! they have more!!!.. AHAHAHAHAH.

I got tired of getting the perfect shot. So after I was satisfied with some shots, I stopped, cleaned myself and slept.


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