Its just a matter of recycling.

Actually, the top was a pre-loved tee. I had this top for a year already.

When I was browsing through my old tops I found this one, and so I thought I can still recycle it and make it into a new, fashionable top.

The top I saw at the mall was my inspiration. It was really perfect since its cotton and its big (I love to wear large tops because they dont make me look so thin).

So what I did is I cut it first to make it short. Then, I cut the bottom part upward. Next, I stretched the strips to form it, and there you go! I have a new fashionable top.

I honestly am fond of styling clothes. Like making it into a stylish top, or cutting the skirt and make it into a short cute skirt.

The skirt that I’m wearing is even a very long skirt but I cut a small portion of it and let my mom sew it (good thing we have sewing machine). I sometimes used our sewing machine to repair/style some of my clothes. I have been reprimanded a lot of times already by my mom because I always break the needle of the sewing machine. But I never stop, as they said, we learn from our mistakes. =))


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