Last day as Team Sharee


Me and my team, we don’t really do team outing that much but what we’re fond of is eating. So if we have time we eat as a team to places or restaurants that we never tried yet.

That day was our last day as team Sharee since we will be reshuffling team. It’s not sad actually since we will still be together as a team except that our coach will be different. But still, we will still see Sharee on the floor and we can still have lunch with her if we want to.


Anyway, what I love about our team is we always have this theme on what to wear. That day our theme is skirt/dress and black stockings. Good thing I have this vintage dress which really looks good with black stockings and my yellow pumps.

I really had fun and the food was also good. We had a lot of picture taking, which I enjoyed the most, and some chit chats about some people on the floor (sssssshhhhh).. hhehehe.


Jn brought her boyfriend and Pepe also brought her girlfriend (she’s pretty). Not to mention Melle, our PA, she brought her fiance and they’re really sweet.

Jaek brought her baby Catelyn who’s really so cute and when we’re almost done Sharee’s boyfriend arrived. So they stayed for a while there. While me, Dian, Yosef and jade we went home together. The other people went to route stop to have some drinks.


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