Where are my accessories?


This is a simple night out outfit. It actually lacks a lot of things.

You can make this outfit into an elegant, formal party out fit by adding accessories in it. you can wear black and white bangles or a silver bangles as long as you match it with your earrings.

If you wear big necklace, don’t wear long/ big earrings. It will look terrible.

Do not over accessorize. Accessories can transform your outfit, yes, but just be careful on how your wear them. They might make you look fabulous or the opposite.

I remember last night, I was watching TV and I saw this TV show entitle follow the star. The featured star was Chynna Ortaleza and she revealed that she also buy preloved items which I was really shocked. First of all she is a star and she can afford to buy all the things that she wanted even if there expensive.

But her point is in “ukay-ukay” (Term we call for stores who sell preloved items) you’ll see stylish and unique clothes which are cheap and you won’t find it easily in any other store.

And I really agree with her. That’s why I also do “Ukay” because I’ll find a lot of stylish and unique clothes there.

There’s just one thing that I really invest my money on, and that is shoes. I would rather buy expensive nice shoes that buy those cheap nice ones.

Anyway, the dress is also an ordinary dress that you’ll see in the malls or even in cheap places. But it only depends on you on how you wear it.

As I said before. It’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it.

It not how expensive the clothes that you’re wearing are. It’s how confident you are in wearing them.



Rainy season it is.

It’s rainy season and sometimes when it’s raining people people feel so gloomy and sad. They go with the the color of the sky.

So it’s better to feel positive and happy even if the weather makes us feel the opposite.

What you wear can affect how you feel. So it’s good to wear something flowery and sunny so you’d feel better and positive.

Even if your just at home doesn’t mean you should not care about what you wear. You’ll never know who’s gonna come and visit.

Be stylish anywhere and everywhere…


School girl.

This outfit is a school uniform inspired, especially the skirt.It’s best with heels or pumps. Actually with any shoes as long as you match it with the top.

Since I wore simple top, I thinks it’s better to wear it with heels to make it more formal.

You can also wear a sleeveless top with a flat shoes to make it not look so daring. You can also be sporty by wearing a white Tee and a rubber shoes with a cap on.

You just have to be imaginative and most of all confident.


Backless frustrations.

I’m really fond of reading blogs and browsing the site lookbook and 1 of the person that I really follow is Kryz uy. I really love her outfits especially her backless dresses. That’s where my backless frustration started.

I honestly have a lot of top that was wasted because of it. I cut the back to make it into a stylish/backless top but I always fail. But, it’s OK as they say “charge it to experience”.

When I was at the mall with my friend I saw this girl with the backless shirt. It was so simple yet it was eye catching. When I was looking at what she’s wearing, I remembered the shirt that I have. It was somewhat the same as the her top except that it’s not backless.

So what I did when I arrived home, I then looked for that top and cut the back to make it like the top that was worn by the girl at the mall. And I was so happy because I achieved what I want.

I’m looking forward to more backless top, which also means more wasted shirts. =)


I’m tall ☺

I know I mentioned in my previous post that I love short skirts but that doesn’t mean that I don’t wanna wear long skirts or dresses especially the ever famous maxi skirt.

Some people associate maxi dress or long dresses with formal occasions,but it changed already. You’ll already see a lot of ladies wearing maxi dress at the malls.

I found this maxi skirt at the mall. Iit really looks so simple yet elegant. I love it cause I can wear it during normal days or in going to malls.

I know some of the women out their are afraid to wear maxi dress cause they might look short and might look like a tent.

Actually you can wear long dresses or skirts without looking like a tent. hehe. You just have to  select a style that is well-cut – that means choose a full-length dress that sits snugly to your body figure – especially around the hips and thighs. And not least, around your waist (or below the bust). too small. You can also wear heels to add some height.

Breaking the summer stereotype.



It was summer and everybody feels like wearing swim wears, shorts, flip flops and shades. But this time it’s different.

It was our company’s 10th year anniversary and it was held at the beach. Everyone was so excited to come since it’s summer and the venue perfectly fits with season.

However, every party has a dress code/ theme. The dress code is: everyone is allowed to wear anything EXCEPT for SHORTS, FLIP FLOPS, BOARD SHORTS etc. (usual beach outfits). I know it’s weird. But the CEO likes the party to be like the formal american beach party.


So when I heard about it, I was kinda disappointed. Even if I don’t want to go to the party, I have to because we will be performing to represent our account. In other words, I have no choice.

Instead of thinking of excuses and making ways so I won’t be able to go to the party, I just thought of the outfit that I’m gonna wear that day. I honestly I’m tight with the budget, but I still want it to be not like the others.


While I’m browsing through lookbook, I saw this picture of a blogger wearing a mullet skirt. So I thought why not wear a mullet skirt with a backless top.

I know I can easily accomplish the mullet skirt but the backless top is really hard to accomplish. I actually got the idea of a backless top from my favorite fashion blogger Kryz Uy. She has a lot of pictures on lookbook where she was wearing a fashionable backless top.

Anyway, I told my mom about the outfit that I planned to wear at the party. She was so supportive and she even volunteered to buy the skirt. So my only problem is the top.

I went to cheap places to look for a top. I didn’t go to the malls right away cause I might see a better top at the “tiange” and is less expensive. But then I wasn’t able to see any. I just saw a beautiful summer hat which I bought for $100.

So I went to the mall after, I went to boutiques since some of them are on sale. One boutique hangs their sale clothes outside. So I saw this beautiful top which is net styled on the upper part and its backless.

When I saw it I thought that it was really the perfect top that I was looking for. So I purchased it immediately. I purchase the top for just $150.

It was really great. And I just purchased some accessories so it won’t look boring.



A day after work ♥


I just can’t get over from the GOOD news that I got a week ago.

Anyway, this was taken days after I heard the good news (I just wish I can disclose what the good news was about, anyway you’ll all know that soon). So I was from work, since I’m graveyard shift, I arrived home at noon. Usually I would feel sleepy when I arrived home, but that time I did not. So I thought of having a photo shoot BY MYSELF (I know it sounds weird). It was kinda hard, but since I really liked to, I was able to accomplish it.

Anyway, the outfit was what I wore that shift, in other words, i haven’t changed my clothes yet.

The top was one of my favorite plain top since it looks good with either skirt, shorts or pants. Plus I also love V neck top.

The skirt was before a long pleated skirt. But it since I don’t really wear long skirt because it makes me look short. I cut the skirt, no, I mean I let my mom cut and repair it =).

If you noticed from my previous posts, I really love wearing short skirts, that’s because it creates an illusion and makes me look tall (that’s really one of my frustrations).

The belt was amazing also, I so love it and was overwhelmed by the price. I purchased it at the mall for only P50. Can you believe that? and wait! they have more!!!.. AHAHAHAHAH.

I got tired of getting the perfect shot. So after I was satisfied with some shots, I stopped, cleaned myself and slept.

Its just a matter of recycling.

Actually, the top was a pre-loved tee. I had this top for a year already.

When I was browsing through my old tops I found this one, and so I thought I can still recycle it and make it into a new, fashionable top.

The top I saw at the mall was my inspiration. It was really perfect since its cotton and its big (I love to wear large tops because they dont make me look so thin).

So what I did is I cut it first to make it short. Then, I cut the bottom part upward. Next, I stretched the strips to form it, and there you go! I have a new fashionable top.

I honestly am fond of styling clothes. Like making it into a stylish top, or cutting the skirt and make it into a short cute skirt.

The skirt that I’m wearing is even a very long skirt but I cut a small portion of it and let my mom sew it (good thing we have sewing machine). I sometimes used our sewing machine to repair/style some of my clothes. I have been reprimanded a lot of times already by my mom because I always break the needle of the sewing machine. But I never stop, as they said, we learn from our mistakes. =))

Last day as Team Sharee


Me and my team, we don’t really do team outing that much but what we’re fond of is eating. So if we have time we eat as a team to places or restaurants that we never tried yet.

That day was our last day as team Sharee since we will be reshuffling team. It’s not sad actually since we will still be together as a team except that our coach will be different. But still, we will still see Sharee on the floor and we can still have lunch with her if we want to.


Anyway, what I love about our team is we always have this theme on what to wear. That day our theme is skirt/dress and black stockings. Good thing I have this vintage dress which really looks good with black stockings and my yellow pumps.

I really had fun and the food was also good. We had a lot of picture taking, which I enjoyed the most, and some chit chats about some people on the floor (sssssshhhhh).. hhehehe.


Jn brought her boyfriend and Pepe also brought her girlfriend (she’s pretty). Not to mention Melle, our PA, she brought her fiance and they’re really sweet.

Jaek brought her baby Catelyn who’s really so cute and when we’re almost done Sharee’s boyfriend arrived. So they stayed for a while there. While me, Dian, Yosef and jade we went home together. The other people went to route stop to have some drinks.