Graduation ball!?

That day was my batch mates Grad ball. Obviously, they graduated already. hehe. I was a little bit jealous but not really sad because I’m still happy with what I have. I will also graduate eventually =).

Anyway, After their graduation ball they had an after party so I went out with them.

They’re wearing dresses (they changed their outfits of course). While they were wearing dresses, I’m wearing my favorite short and the blue polo which I cut the sleeves and make it into like a gladiator sleeve.

The polo was just a boring polo. I had a lot of polo already and I thought of making this one into a unique top. I think I did a good job with it (I hope). I was with my work mate first before I go with college friends, they finished the grad ball at almost 12 already and they went to the hotel after that to change clothes, so we saw each other at almost 1 already.

My workmate was even amazed of what I did with the top. He never thought that I can do it and dare to wear it on a Saturday night out. Well, I did.Anyway, I really had fun that night.

After clubbing, we went to the hotel and do some chit chat. Since we really can’t sleep, and it’s also almost morning, we just had this photo shoot. I’m glad my friend brought her camera. I owe this to her =).

This was actually before I bought my own camera.